April 29, 2016

Schaaf-PartnerCentric Welcomes Virus Eraser!

Author : Dana Pezzin


SPC is officially managing the Virus Eraser Affiliate Program!

The internet can be a grueling place for Windows PC’s, and having Antivirus software is vital when it comes to surfing the web with the utmost of confidence. Since 2014, Virus Eraser has been delivering products and services world wide for all to be secure. With its advanced malware protection for your PC and Mac, Virus Eraser checks your system in real time for the detection of viruses, email attachment malware, and any other malicious programs that try to penetrate your computer, keeping your security up-to-date with automatic updates, never slowing down your computer.

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April 21, 2016

Biggest Misconceptions in Affiliate Marketing

Author : Megan Sabo

At Schaaf-PartnerCentric, we will be the first ones to tell you that affiliate marketing can be a bit confusing. We’d go so far as to say that the complicated landscape for performance marketing is part of what keeps us in business. With that said, we thought it would be beneficial to shed a little light on the top affiliate misconceptions we see. To do so, we chatted with Megan Sabo, one of Schaaf-PartnerCentric’s experienced Account Managers. Continue reading to learn about the top 6 misunderstandings (and the truths that accompany them!) she’s observed in the affiliate marketing industry…


Misconception 1: Affiliate Programs are high risk and low ROI. The truth…

  • The affiliate channel is inherently low risk due to the structure of a traditional pay-per-performance affiliate program, where you only need to pay commissions when an affiliate generates a sale or lead (sales are inherently less risky), and don’t need to pay for clicks or impressions
  • There is a huge opportunity for high ROI given that there are ongoing costs are typically only for affiliate management services and commissions, no other associated costs.

Misconception 2: Affiliate could cause arbitrage and conflict with other digital marketing channels. The truth…

  • You can setup restrictions regarding how the brand is promoted via other channels like paid search trademark terms restrictions, email marketing requires compliance with CAN-SPAM and prior written approval from the advertiser. You should also setup attribution for your affiliate program to help mitigate this issue.

Misconception 3: Coupon sites have either less value or no value when compared to other publishers in an affiliate program. The truth…

  • You should create strong promotions for products/ areas where you’d like to see more sales (such as a product that isn’t performing well in other channels) and only allow coupon affiliates to promote these types of promotions. You can also segment the commission structure and offer coupon affiliates lower commissions than other affiliates.
  • The best way to keep coupon sites from taking sales from the affiliate channel and other channels is to control the messaging on the coupon sites through the promotions you offer.

Misconception 4: You only need to provide affiliates with text links and banners, and you can use the same creative/ text link copy through the year. The truth…

  • For better conversion rates, you should try new link types such as video, content, smart links, etc.
  • You should also create new banners, text links, and offers on a quarterly basis (or more frequently to match what you’re doing in other digital channels) to prevent stagnant performance and coupon fatigue. Pull performance reports to see which banner sizes, text link copy, and offer types perform best and replicate for future needs. Bonus: Ensure your product data feed is regularly updated (daily is deal!).

Misconception 5: Your affiliate program needs to be in as many networks as possible. The truth…

  • It is often beneficial to consolidate your program into fewer networks for cost savings (your top 1-2 performing networks), and ensure that your top performers in the lower performing networks are okay with moving to the other networks. Also, it’s helpful to give incentives for moving networks to these performers i.e. 1st sale bonus in the other networks, limited time exclusive offer, temporary commission increase, etc.

Misconception 6: You don’t need to communicate with your affiliates, you can just set up the program and forget it. The truth…

  • You should set up a regular communication schedule with your affiliates to keep them informed of new creative (see above), offers,  as well as product updates and other newsworthy items that will keep your brand and products top-of-mind with your affiliates. Bonus: Include sample blog content for blogger affiliates to reuse in their blogs, makes it easy for them to promote you!

April 14, 2016

Creating an Affiliate Program that Drives Incremental Revenue

Author : Morgan Simon

Creating an Affiliate Program that Drives Incremental Revenue

Ever wondered about incrementality within your affiliate program? Of course you have, it is one of the industry’s hottest topics and something that brands are understandably very concerned about.

In our latest whitepaper, we analyze this growing concern and cover topics like the problems with the traditional affiliate model, key pieces of data to analyze incrementality and technical implementation strategies.

Simply fill out the form here to download today!

April 06, 2016

Stratfor Chooses Schaaf-PartnerCentric to Manage its Affiliate Program!

Author : Dana Pezzin


Welcome, Stratfor to the SPC family! Stratfor is a geopolitical intelligence firm that provides strategic analysis and forecasting to individuals and organizations around the world. By placing global events in a geopolitical framework, they help customers anticipate opportunities and better understand international developments. Offering online subscriptions and custom consulting services, subscribers gain a thorough understanding of world events through full access to our analysis, published around the clock. Clients also get direct access to analysts and global networks, enabling them to better assess geopolitical risk, make strategic investments and expand into challenging regions.

Find out more about Stratfor here!

March 29, 2016

E-Hydrate Joins the SPC Family!

Author : Dana Pezzin



E-hydrate has chosen Schaaf-PartnerCentric to professionally manage their affiliate program and we couldn’t be happier!

Embracing the age-old ideal that “you are what you eat“, all of E-hydrate’s hydration, nutrition and energy products are natural with great tasting real flavors born in the kitchen, not a laboratory.  You may not be training for the next marathon, but we all want to feel better, look better and stay active! Providing your body the nutrients required to stay strong and your mind sharp, no matter what your fitness level or intensity of your workout, E-hydrate is changing the way you look at health.

Learn more about E-hydrate here!

March 21, 2016

The Ultimate Affiliate Program Checklist

Author : Morgan Simon

If you’re an advertiser, you’ve likely done your fair share of research on your affiliate program. But as your program evolves it is a good idea to revisit the basics every once in a while to make sure your program is set up for success.

To help you with this, we asked our team of experienced Affiliate Managers what key things your affiliate program plan should include. Our handy Marketing Coordinator, Dana then designed into an infographic you can print out and put next to your desk so it stays top of mind year-round…


Now we want to hear from you! What other items are on your checklist? When do you typically do the planning and evaluation for your program? If you need help with your program plan and execution, we’re happy to help. We’re currently offering advertisers with an existing affiliate marketing program a complimentary audit. Simply click on the button below, fill out the form, and we’ll follow up with next steps!


March 16, 2016

SPC Adventures with Tours4Fun!

Author : Dana Pezzin


Schaaf-PartnerCentric welcomes Tours4Fun as we will now be professionally managing their affiliate program!

Tours4Fun is a thriving online travel site, dedicated to providing fun vacations with easy online purchasing experience for all your travel needs. Striving to make itself the ultimate online travel superstore, Tours4Fun offers the widest selection and best prices out there! Your adventure awaits and you can find tours and vacation packages in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, South & Central America, Africa and the Middle East! With strategic partnerships with major online travel agencies, Tours4Fun offers accommodation at discounted rates at more than 85,000 hotels around the world.  

So what’ll it be?! Get up close and personal with the giraffes on safari? Or perhaps a romantic gondola in Venice?! Tours4Fun is changing the way we look at travel and making it more affordable and accessible to see the world every day!  SPC is delighted to call them part of the Schaaf-PartnerCentric family!

March 09, 2016

CommunityTax Managed by Schaaf-PartnerCentric!

Author : Dana Pezzin


We are pleased to welcome CommunityTax to the SPC Family!!

Created by attorneys and bankers with years of experience in both tax debt resolution and financial services, CommunityTax’s mission is to create a new standard for the industry, in which the customer and their best interest truly come first. Having grown tired of seeing clients getting taken advantage of and paying outrageous upfront fees, CommunityTax is committed to ensuring no client should pay full price for a service until they know what their options are and what kind of help they can expect.

Specializing in providing a wide array of tax services including IRS and state tax resolution assistance for individuals and businesses, as well as tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services, CommunityTax brings much to the table and we are proud to manage their affiliate program at Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

March 08, 2016

New to the Industry: Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing

Author : John Bleecker

While the average Schaaf-PartnerCentric Affiliate Manager has ten years of experience in the performance marketing space, every once in a while we find a candidate so great they are worth bringing on despite a lack of industry-specific experience. John Bleecker is one of those individuals, and today we’re sharing his story of breaking into the affiliate marketing industry and what he has learned about performance marketing in his time here.


Entering the performance marketing industry as a novice, I wasn’t quite sure what I would encounter. I only knew that entering a new industry after the military would likely present me with an array of unknown unknowns. The world of affiliate marketing has not disappointed. In the short time that I have been in the industry, I have learned way more than I could have ever anticipated. The learning curve was much steeper than I expected, too.

I was only a casual user of the Internet when I started here at Schaaf-PartnerCentric. “But,” I thought, “how hard could it be, right?” Build a website, slap up a banner ad and watch the money roll in. All we need to do is find a suitable website, match them with the right advertiser and stop the fraud. Not so much. This is a complex machine.

I failed to appreciate how many wizards were behind the curtain making this multi-billion dollar industry happen. Once I saw how the sausage is made, I realized how little I knew, how wrong my assumptions were and ended up with more questions than answers. I would love to say that’s improved, but only by a little. I guess that’s how we learn.

What I have learned is affiliate marketing is as strategically and tactically as challenging as warfighting–thank goodness no one is shooting at us here! I knew marketing was all about influencing a decision and enticing a purchaser to act. I never assumed that would be easy. I did not foresee, though, the additional planes on which the affiliate world operates. We’re not merely attempting to influence purchasers; we’re working with our advertising partners and our publisher partners in a very elaborate dance. We have to keep a lot of people happy, even if they may be working at cross-purposes. The beauty of that challenge, however, is that we’re all in it for the same thing. We can all have our fair share if we want to. This isn’t a zero-sum game. And it’s actually a lot easier–and a lot less headache!–if we work together towards that end.

I feel very fortunate and grateful to have encountered so many helpful and cooperative minds already in the affiliate world, both inside and outside of SPC. As Aristotle said, “Individually we cannot help but fail, but when we pool our understanding we have a chance.”

Strong relationships are essential. This may seem an obvious point, but is so much easier said than done. It is a delicate balance of wants and abilities, and personalities. “Quid pro quo” may have seemed a simple proposition to Hannibal Lector, but not everyone is in it for mutual benefit or operating in good faith. After observing some patterns, and studying some industry history, I’m seeing that the cream truly does rise to the top. Those who do the best are those willing to operate with a cooperative spirit. Sometimes that can be as simple as merely not stepping on toes.

As the compliance officer here, it’s worth noting that I have been exposed to the unfortunate dark side of the affiliate world. The Internet is still the Wild West and can present some hostile terrain. I have had a few encounters that have made dealing with Afghan tribal elders seem easy by comparison. Needless to say, those folks will not be getting their “fair share.” This has only proved to me how necessary it really is to build meaningful relationships.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned so far is how imperative it is to be on the same page as your partners. The affiliate landscape is fertile ground for so many opportunities and advancements. We can maximize these best when we have those strong relationships that provide the know-how to envision and actualize these ends. And while we’re busy doing that here at Schaaf-PartnerCentric, bad guys beware, I’m watching you…

March 03, 2016

Schaaf-PartnerCentric Welcomes GelPro!

Author : Dana Pezzin

gelpro-mockupSchaaf-PartnerCentric welcomes GelPro to the SPC Family!

It all started on Thanksgiving in the McMahan home. As Mrs. McMahan prepared her beautifully festive dinner, her ankles and back ached standing in the kitchen all day. Her husband came to the rescue creating the first and only gel-filled anti-fatigue floor mat for residential use. The rest is history!

In 2003, Rob McMahan founded Lets Gel, Inc. GelPro comfort floor mats, the world’s only patented 100% gel-filled mats ergonomically designed to absorb shock and cradle your feet in comfort. They are trusted in test kitchens nationwide and featured on Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and HGTV. 

The GelPro Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by Jillian McGary and Gayoung Lee.