October 31, 2009

Get a $25 Gift Card with any $75 purchase at the Company Store

Author : Tom Rathbone

Now through November 11th, The Company Store is offering a $25 gift card FREE with any purchase of $75 or more. Use code AFF9GCD at checkout! AOV is usually over $75, so this should be a given for most shoppers. Be sure to promote today!

October 27, 2009

Amazon WILL pay affiliates for Twitter links

Author : Tom Rathbone

Last July we reported in this blog – as did many other industry watchdogs – that Amazon.com was refusing to pay affiliates a commission on any sales generated by use of Twitter or Tweets that involved URL shortenerssuch as bit.ly or tinyurl.com.

It’s taken some time, but now Amazon has clarified its position – stating that social marketing, Twitter and URL shorteners are all acceptable means of affiliate marketing via Amazon IF the affiliate follows Amazon’s guidelines.

A new article on SearchEngineJournal.com clears up the confusion and outlines Amazon’s guidelines as they relate to social media marketing.

PartnerCentric attends ShareASale Think Tank 2009

Author : Tom Rathbone

Hats off to Brian Littleton for hosting another great event to help ShareASale‘s top merchants, affiliates and affiliate marketing agencies grow their businesses.

ShareASale Think Tank 2009 took place at
The Resort at Pelican Hill, the newest and most luxurious Resort Property to grace the Southern California – Newport Beach coastline. Whether you’re in the Top One Percenters or not, if you’ve ever dreamed of relaxing in the lap of luxury as they do, this
is the place to Live The Dream.

The resort is breathtaking, and in addition to its massive and palatial design, it is surrounded by sweeping and panaramic views of the Pacific Ocean and countryside.

The Friday Night reception featured a fabulous Cocktail Hour and Dinner along with a casual night of networking and fun. It was great to meet old friends and associates and to make many new acquaintances, too.

Saturday morning was full of coffee and sessions with many panels of
leading merchants from all categories discussing the many challenges and
opportunities they face in Affiliate Marketing.

At lunch on Saturday PartnerCentric hosted its Meet N Greet table and
got to talk one-on-one with many of ShareASale’s Top Merchants and
. Thanks to all who stopped by to say ‘Hello.’

Saturday Afternoon we gathered outside the Coliseum Pool. Each merchant
had their own cabana with which to meet with Affiliates one-on-one to make
deals and get business done. Very cool.

Saturday evening was top shelf only – as in call the limo driver and well, let’s just say that “What goes on in Newport Beach, stays in Newport Beach.” No paparazzi, please!

Sunday Morning featured a great wrap-up session, I have to give it to Brian, he puts himself out there, right in the middle, and fearlessly listens to ‘both
sides of the room’. He is honestly, openly, refeshingly concerned to hear
from his constituents.

Overall this Exclusive Executive Retreatwas enjoyed by all. And the net
result is that ShareASale delivers on the promise of being a customer driven
company, with leadership that is open to innovation and generously promotes
sharing the unique opportunity only provided by affiliate marketing. The ShareASale staff also deserve a big round of applause
for the fantastic job they did in organizing a fun and valuable event!

Everything was perfect!

So, as the sun sets on our retreat, it left us with hope for the future
of our industry and a renewed vision of the opportunity available to those
who take the time to listen to their customers, and who remain open to new
ideas and innovation. ShareASale is that company.

But, the best part of all was when Brian gave everybody who attended a Free
Ferrari. At least I think it’s mine. I walked out of the hotel and
the valet said, “Here you are, sir.” Hey, who am I to question

So, as I speed off to John Wayne Airport to catch my plane with my police
escort, PartnerCentric and I would like to thank Brian Littleton and the
whole ShareASale staff
 for the opportunity to be a part of events such as ShareASale Think Tank 2009, which will help to shape the future of our business.

October 24, 2009

Double your opportunity to earn with my1voice!

Author : Tom Rathbone

Are you promoting MyFax but not my1voice?

Did you know?

  • The same people who offer MyFax also offer my1voice.
  • Both MyFax and my1voice target the same type of customer.
  • A large percentage of my1voice customers are also MyFax customers!

What does this mean for you? It means you have double the opportunity to earn money! If you’re not already promoting my1voice, now is definitely the time to start. We are seeing major increases in activity, which you are sure to benefit from. If that’s not enough, you can earn up to $51 per signup!

What is my1voice?

my1voice is a virtual phone service for small businesses that includes a phone number for the business and a virtual receptionist to answer and direct calls.

my1voice is an easy sell because every customer gets:

  • A toll-free or local number
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Voicemail to email
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference calling
  • Call screening

my1voice plans start as low as $10/month. Every customer starts with a 30 day FREE  trial making it an easy decision!

Start promoting my1voice today!

New 30 Day Free Trial Banners for MyFax Added

Author : Tom Rathbone

logo_myfax_index_enDid you know that MyFax offers a 30 Day Free Trial?10423449-7

We’ve updated our creative to message this great offer – feel free pick up one below or log into CJ for more options!

Looking for content?

Check out our MyFax Resource Pagefor User Guides, webinars, whitepapers and more!

For my1voice, check out the my1voice Getting Started Pagemy1voice How-To Pagemy1voice Features Page, and my1voice Case Studies.

If you have not yet joined click here to sign up!

Tracie Gross – Program Manager
Tara Watson – Program Director

October 23, 2009

National Pet Pharmacy Promotions

Author : Tom Rathbone

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Save up to 50% at National Pet Pharmacy
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Happy Selling,

Tracie Gross – Program Manager
Dan Fink – Program Director

Pet Food Direct Promotions

Author : Tom Rathbone

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Happy Selling,

Tracie Gross – Program Manager
Dan Fink – Program Director

Puritan’s Pride gets Dynamic!

Author : Tom Rathbone

We are happy to introduce Dynamic Rich Media for the Puritan’s Pride program!

Puritan’s Pride affiliates know that we often change our site promotions. In order to help you keep up with the changes, we’ve set up a DRM text link that will change out automatically, so you won’t have to log in and change your link manually!

log in to LinkShare to check it out!

More versions will be added down the line, so be sure to keep checking for updates!

October 22, 2009

PPC super affiliate shares insights in podcast

Author : Tom Rathbone

Paid search super affiliate Amit Mehtais our special guest on this week’s edition of Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast on WebmasterRadio.fm. Tune it to WebmasterRadio.fm at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) Thursday to hear Amit share his insights on paid search affiliate marketing.

Mehta is owner of the Super Affiliate Mindset blog and a regular speaker at such industry events as Affiliate Summit.

Hear Mehta’s own amazing success story and learn some of his insights into paid search affiliate marketing, including:
– how to avoid common mistakes
– how to leverage free tools
– how to approach keyword research
– how to manage PPC account cashflow
– how to avoid being “slapped” by search engines

Join us at noon Pacific tomorrow for the show. Affiliate Marketing Insider is a weekly podcast that is broadcast at noon Pacific every Thursday.