November 20, 2009

Black Friday special offers from our merchants

Author : Tom Rathbone

Black Friday is eight days away, and we’ve got some great deals from our merchants ready for you to incorporate into your promotions. This is the first salvo of the busy holiday shopping season, and a great opportunity to provide your customers with savings on Black Friday.

To get details of Black Friday deals being offered by our merchants’ affiliate programs, visit our Black Friday Offers page.

Tune in for a conversation about affiliate fraud

Author : Tom Rathbone

Today’s edition of the Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast tackles one of the biggest challenges our industry faces – affiliate fraud. Affiliate fraud is to affiliate marketing what campaign finance reform is to politics – a nagging issue that everyone agrees is a problem but that has no real champions because the problem also benefits many of the people capable of bringing needed reform.

Join the debate about affiliate fraud – what it constitutes and who should be responsible for addressing it – at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) today on

Joining us on the podcast are three people who are now working to lead our industry’s attempt to self-regulate affiliate fraud:
– Rebecca Madigan, Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Alliance
– Jivan Manhas, Head of Sales for Media Trust
– Mark Roth, co-founder of Offer Vault

Manhas and Roth both say that an action constitutes affiliate fraud when there is malicious intent or out and out theft. Do you agree?

November 14, 2009

How do you solve a problem like affiliate fraud?

Author : Tom Rathbone

This is a monumental question, one that has been around as long as affiliate marketing, and one that now threatens the very future of our industry. This is also the topic of next week’s episode of the Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast.

Joining us on the podcast are three people who are now working to lead our industry’s attempt to self-regulateaffiliate fraud:
– Rebecca Madigan, Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Alliance
– Jivan Manhas, Head of Sales for Media Trust
– Mark Roth, co-founder of Offer Vault

Among the topics we will discuss:
– What constitutes affiliate fraud?
– What is fraud doing to the affiliate marketing industry?
– Who is responsible for policing fraud?

None of these questions have simple answers – not even the definition of affiliate fraud and the determination of what constitutes affiliate fraud. Manhas and Roth both say that an action constitutes affiliate fraud when there is malicious intent or out and out theft. Do you agree?

Tune in to at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) next Thursday, Nov. 19, for
the next episode of Affiliate Marketing Insider and our conversation about affiliate fraud.

November 11, 2009

Reading Horizons is Now LIVE with CJ Pay-Per-Call!

Author : Tom Rathbone

Reading officially went live with CJ’s new Pay Per Call service on Monday, November 9, 2009. This exciting new platform will allow affiliates to earn commissions for driving quality phone calls to their call center, using a unique toll-free telephone number.

When you sign up for the Reading Horizons Pay Per Call program, you will receive a unique, trackable toll-free phone number that will drive call to their call center. You can implement these phone numbers on your website, in keyword information, and offline! Commission Junction will even place your unique toll-free number in any creative you request for this program. This will enable you to drive calls right off of a banner.

All commissionable calls are tracked through the CJ Pay Per Call platform and will be credited to you at the beginning of each month. Commissions appear as a “bonus” with your traditional CJ Account Manager console.

If you would like to participate in the Reading Horizons Pay Per Call program please sign up for a Pay Per Call Publisher account here. For assistance signing up with the program, please contact us.

If you already have a Pay Per Call account, you may apply to Reading Horizons program through your existing account platform. Prior to applying to the Pay Per Call program, please ensure that you are actively joined to Reading Horizons traditional affiliate program through your CJ Account Manager.

*Please note in order to receive commission for the calls driven on the Pay Per Call platform, you must belong to Reading Horizons standard affiliate program.

Upcoming Puritan’s Pride Promotions

Author : Tom Rathbone

  • Free Vitamin Caddy with any $50 or more Purchase at Puritan’s Pride. No code necessary. Valid 11.15.09 to 11.21.09
  • Black Friday Deal: Free Shipping over $50 at Puritan’s Pride! Use code TAPBFCM at checkout. Valid 11.27.09 to 11.30.09
  • Don’t forget: Buy 2 Get 3 Free or Buy 1 get 1 Free at Puritan’s Pride Vitamins – no expiration

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Happy Selling,

Tracie and Tara

Reading Horizons adopts CJ PayPerCall solution

Author : Tom Rathbone

The Reading Horizons affiliate program being managed by PartnerCentric on the CJ network has just integrated CJ’s PayPerCall platform into the program.

The PayPerCall solution makes it possible for affiliates to include a dedicated phone number in all promotions and earn commissions for all sales that result from those calls. Pay per call sales can greatly increase sales for the merchant and commissions for the affiliate who incorporate pay per call solutions into the affiliate programs they promote.

To learn more about CJ’s PayPerCall platformread our info sheet.

To become an affiliate of the Reading Horizons affiliate programread more about the program in our Affiliate Resource Center and sign up to become an affiliate.

November 06, 2009

PartnerCentric to attend Affiliate Convention Dec. 3-4

Author : Tom Rathbone

PartnerCentric has just finalized plans to send representatives to Affiliate Convention who will attend, exhibit and speak at the conference, the second in a new series, that takes place Dec. 3-4 in Los Angeles.

Affiliate Convention is a fantastic trade show for us because it puts us in touch with new and active affiliates who are looking for great programs to promote,” said Stephanie Lewis, Affiliate Program Director and Director of Recruitment for PartnerCentric. “We’re looking forward to sharing the virtues of our affiliate programs with all of the affiliates who come to this show in search of great opportunities.”

In addition to displaying on the tradeshow floor, PartnerCentric is sending speakers to join the lineup of industry experts who will be sharing ideas, insights and innovations at the conference, which allows affiliates to attend free of charge.

Company President Linda Woods is speaking as part of the Affiliate Marketing 101 panel, and Director of Marketing Wade Sisson will join the panel on how Social Media converges with Affiliate Marketing.

“Affiliate Convention really wants this show to reach all affiliates so they can continue to grow their businesses and their relationships with strong merchants and affiliate porgrams,” Woods said. “Making the show free for affiliates means the show has to rely on sponsors and industry leaders for support, but that also ensures a strong lineup of speakers and sessions. It’s a win-win for affiliates.”

Register for Affiliate Convention online at

November 04, 2009

NEW Weekly Offers at

Author : Tom Rathbone

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