March 31, 2010

eBay Selling for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Author : Tom Rathbone

Last week we told you about eBay’s new Apple iPad storefront. Today we hear that eBay has a new, free selling app for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Using this new application on their iPhones, eBay sellers can point, shoot and click to list an item from anywhere, and sell in less than 60 seconds. The app also enables eBay sellers to research sales trends and price ranges on eBay and list similar items for sale. Sellers can also view the status of sale items, share listings via Facebook and Twitter, and link to other eBay & PayPal iPhone apps.

For more information, visit

March 30, 2010

Wysong affiliate program now offering Pay Per Call

Author : Tom Rathbone

The affiliate program for Wysong has just incorporated Commission Junction’s Pay Per Call solution to its affiliate program, which is being managed by PartnerCentric. CJ’s Pay Per Call solutions enable affiliates to include a dedicated phone number in their affiliate marketing promotions and earn commissions for all sales that result from those calls.

In developing your Pay-Per-Call program, you will receive unique, trackable toll-free phone numbers that drive calls to our own call center. You can implement these phone numbers on your website, in keyword information, and offline! Commission Junction will even place your unique toll-free number in any creative you request for this program. This will enable you to drive calls right off of a banner!

All commissionable calls are tracked through the Commission Junction Pay-Per-Call platform, and will be credited to you at the beginning of each month. Commissions will appear as a “bonus” within your traditional CJ Account Manager.

If you would like to participate in the Pay-Per-Call program, please sign up for a Pay-Per-Call Publisher Account here. If you already have a Pay-Per-Call account, you may apply to our program through your existing account platform. Prior to applying to our Pay-Per-Call program, please ensure that you are actively joined to our traditional affiliate program through your CJ Account Manager.

Please note that, in order to receive commission for calls driven on the Pay-Per-Call platform, you must belong to our affiliate program through your standard Commission Junction account.

To learn more about Commission Junction’s new Pay-Per-Call platform, please click here. Alternatively, you may contact our Client Support line at 1-800-761-1072 Mon- Fri 6am-5pm PST.

PartnerCentric was an early adopter of the new PayPerCall platform that CJ started offering in late summer 2009. Get more information about PartnerCentric’s experience in outsourced affiliate porgram management.

March 27, 2010

eBay gives affiliates opportunity to sell iPad

Author : Tom Rathbone

eBay has mobilized to be at the forefront of pre-order sales for Apple’s new iPad, creating a great opportunity for affiliates who promote the new gadget on the auction site.

Indeed, outside of Apple stores, the only other place consumers will be able to purchase Apple’s new iPad will likely be on, which gives eBay affiliates an excellent opportunity to promote this in-demand device. It is estimated by AAPL Sanity Board that about 152,000 iPads were sold in the first day of their pre-order availability on March 12.

While not surprisingly demand has tapered off somewhat since that initial flood of orders, an estimated 1,000 iPads continue to be pre-ordered every hour. That means iPad sales still have great potential for eBay affiliates, who have have another advantage in that iPhone keyword search phrases are some of the best converting in the eBay cell phone and cell phone accessory categories.

paid search campiaign being undertaken by eBay is intended to drive customers and clicks to for the pre-sale debut of Apple’s latest gadget. Ads on the major search engines entice customers to “Get ready for the iPad. Join millions and become an eBay user today! –” Consumers who click on the paid search ads are directed to eBay’s iPad landing page at

From, consumers can watch the iPad launch video, learn more about the new device, read product specifications and product reviews.

eBay made a similar push for such in-demand gadgets at the Playstation and Wii consoles and the Apple iPhone.

To create links, eBay affiliates may use the link generator tool with either the custom url or item id options. Use the link generator tool as the anchor text with this link:

To learn more about becoming an eBay affiliate, visit us online at

Learn more about how to succeed as an eBay affiliate by reading the eBay Partner Network blog at

March 24, 2010

Driving affiliate marketing success in number of ways

Author : Tom Rathbone

PartnerCentric created success in the affiliate marketing channel in a number of ways for its list of e-commerce clients.

For the new FlirtCatalog affiliate program that launched in Sept. 2009, PartnerCentric front-loaded the new program to bring maximum results in time for Halloween. Through the first four months online, Flirt experienced a doubling of its revenue through the affiliate channel. Success was due to a number of factors including affiliate recruitment and activation, innovative creative and constant communication through newsletters, e-mails, phone calls, Flirt Alerts, etc. Read how PartnerCentric strategies and tactics made a new affiliate program an overwhelming success.

The measure of success came in other ways as well, including how the company managed the problem of affiliate fraud. After purging the affiliate program of fraudulent affiliates, PartnerCentric reinvigorated the affiliate base, recruiting more than 2,500 new affiliates to the program over the course of the year. By December, with no major coupon or fraud issues, the program had grown year-over-year by 14%.

Another key measure of success is how PartnerCentric responded to the advertising tax issue that arose in numerous states. When the advertising tax passed in June 2008, most of the major networks severed their relationships with New York affiliates. This had dire consequences for The Company Store affiliate program, so PartnerCentric shifted into high gear with outreach to New York affiliates, re-opening the program to them. By the end of 2009, PartnerCentric had grown the program’s dwindled affiliate base by 82%.

To read more about PartnerCentric’s successes in affiliate program managementread our case study series.

March 23, 2010

Advertising tax being considered in Connecticut

Author : Tom Rathbone

Our friends at the Performance Marketing Association, of which PartnerCentric is a charter member, has just announced that the state of Connecticut has renewed interest in passing the advertising tax. We join them in calling for all Connecticut affiliate marketers to add their support to the PMA, which is mounting a challenge to the potential legislation.

If you are an affiliate marketer who is active in the state of Connecticut, please visit the PMA today to find out how you can get involved and help educate legislators about this harmful legislation.

March 19, 2010 New social media volunteerism site

Author : Tom Rathbone

We’re often asked,“What is the next big thing in Social Media?” Today we might have the answer. When one of the co-founders of Facebook develops something new, we tend to listen closely. Chris Hughes has soft-launched, a new social media site that promotes global volunteerism.

Given his track record, Hughes is on to something. First he co-founded a little thing called Facebook. Then he took an interest in government, serving as the architect of a site for some fellow named Barack Obama.

And now comes – the culmination of everything Hughes has learned about bringing people together and getting them involved in a cause. connects people and organizations around the world for volunteerism projects and causes.

March 18, 2010 offers series of spring savings

Author : Tom Rathbone is offering a number of special spring savings to that affiliates may promote to their customers. The special offers are as follows:

– Every week, features a new Dog and Cat product on Sale.
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– 15% off ALL pet treats at Use code PERTRTS3. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2010.
– 25% off ALL Supplements and Vitamins at Use code PER25SUP1. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2010.
– $10 off for every $100 you spend at! Use code PER10OFF2. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2010.
– Save 5$ off any order totalling $45 or more! Use code: PER5OFF1. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2010.

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If you need anything to help you promote these great deals, or in general, please get in touch with the affiliate program management team at PartnerCentric.

Tracie Gross
Program Manager

Dan Fink
Program Director

March 17, 2010

This week’s podcast: Mommy bloggers as super affiliates

Author : Tom Rathbone

Debbie Bookstaber joins us on this week’s Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast to discuss mommy blogging and affiliate marketing. Join us at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) Thursday on for the podcast.

What are the characteristics of a successful mommy blogger? How can mommy bloggers work with affiliate program managers to increase their success in affiliate marketing? Hear about all of this direct from a successful mommy blogger who also works for an interactive marketing agency.

Bookstaber has more than ten years of experience in online marketing, business development, product management and affiliate marketing. At the Jar Group she works with new and existing clients to formulate and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Her previous expererience includes managing Travelocity’s white-label affiliate relationships as well as Expedia’s affiliate marketing programs. Passionate about social media and affiliate marketing, Debbie started a successful product review site, which was picked as one of six influential mom blogs by Playthings Magazine in February 2009. Debbie has advised PR firms and Fortune 500 companies on blogger relations and effective social media strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Insider is a weekly podcast on that features affiliate marketing leaders and highlights innovations and ideas. Tune in at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) each Thursday on

Program Update: Change in the MyFax and my1voice Affiliate Program Management

Author : Tom Rathbone

Effective March 16, 2010, the MyFax and my1voice Affiliate Program will no longer be managed by PartnerCentric. Please don’t worry though; this change will not harm your efforts to promote MyFax and my1voice. You will not have to update any of your links and can still expect to receive the same great level of attention and support.

All of the MyFax and my1voice terms are remaining the same on Commission Junction. You will still earn the same commission rate and will still be paid promptly each month. The only difference is that PartnerCentric will no longer be managing the program. These activities are being taken back in-house, where we are sure you will continue to receive the same great attention to detail and support that have made MyFax and my1voice the successful program it is today.

Please continue to use the email address to seek answers to your questions and inquires. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

March 13, 2010

CJ launches publisher training program

Author : Tom Rathbone

We received the following news from our friends at Commission Junction this week:

Commission Junction is proud to announce the launch of our Keys to the CJ Marketplace Publisher training program. We have offered training to Advertisers for quite some time, but now there is a publisher series.

The program consists of a series of recorded sessions that publishers can access anytime What does this mean for you, our agency clients? Well, a more knowledgeable publisher base means better results for you and your advertiser clients, which means more sales and more revenue! Be sure to let your publishers know about the training in your next newsletter communication.

And don’t forget about yourself. We continue to offer free, live online seminars for agencies and advertisers. The seminar descriptions, dates, and times can be found at Utilize the training to educate yourself or any new team members.