March 28, 2012

Brook Schaaf to Speak at ad:tech San Francisco

Author : Tom Rathbone


Schaaf-PartnerCentric CEOBrook Schaaf will be speaking at ad:tech San Francisco on April 3-4. His session is “Affiliate Marketing:Extending Your Brand to New Audiences.” You can attend the conference as his guest.   Use this code – SPKRGUESTMY25 to take 25% off a conference pass.

Join Brook for new keynotes, new sessions, and lots of valuable networking! It’s the largest gathering of digital marketers, designed to cover all facets of the fast-paced digital marketing industry. It’s where marketing pros come together to do business in a vibrant and exciting marketplace that enriches the exchange of ideas, experiences, innovative practices, emerging models and expert insights.

Visit the ad:tech Expo to meet face-to-face with hundreds of leading-edge businesses and experts who cover everything from search to startups to social, mobile and much more.

The conference showcases the latest digital marketing innovators sharing ideas, case studies and trends and reinforcing its application to your business. Networking breaks and on-site events take the conversation further and help you build your network of connections. And don’t miss invaluable keynote sessions.

Registerfor your ad:tech pass today! You’ll experience two full days of powerful networking and invaluable insights that you won’t want to miss. See for yourself why ad:tech is known as THE event for digital marketers.

Hope to see you there!


March 24, 2012

Introducing Affiliate Marketing Digest – a Roundup of Affiliate Marketing News

Author : Tom Rathbone

AffiliateMarketingDigestheaderThis week’s Affiliate Marketing Digest is live – and we’ve got a lot of important news to share in this issue.
A bill containing the Affiliate Nexus Tax is making its way through the Georgia legislature. If you are an
affiliate marketer or an out-of-state retailer, you should seek professional tax and legal advice. And Google
is making another algorithm change that seeks to level the playing field for content sites and SEO sites. Find
out how to prepare by asking the question: Is my site over-optimized? Read all about it – and more – with
our Affiliate Marketing Digest.

Moosejaw Coupon: Save on the Best Stroller for Hikes, Trail Runs

Author : Tom Rathbone


Moosejaw is now offering the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Runway stroller for just $379.99 (regular price $499.99) PLUS Free Shipping with coupon code ALSAVE5 or CJSALE.

This is the best stroller available when you want to take your child with you for a trail run or hike. You can push with just one hand and never lose your stride. This is a top of the line stroller complete with hand-operated active brake for control and shock-absorbing suspension.

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March 22, 2012

Mission Possible: Monitoring Trademark Bidding and Terms Compliance

Author : Tom Rathbone

Two of the biggest concerns we hear from merchants is that trademark or brand bidding will cheapen their brand and cannibalize their own efforts to attract quality traffic.

Brand bidding occurs when an affiliate targets a brand’s trademark name or associated keywords in a paid search campaign.

Trademark bidding remains a challenge for two main reasons:
– the ease with which affiliates can leverage trademark terms in paid search campaigns
– a lack of enforcement for most merchants policies regarding trademark terms

Devising a trademark policy is part of the challenge, but the biggest challenge is enforcement, which takes time, specialized skills and technical tools.

Schaaf-PartnerCentric takes a pro-active approach to trademark protection that goes beyond ensuring our clients have a clear trademark policy.

Our operations team, which is compromised of compliance specialists, is dedicated to enforcing client trademark policies. The team uses tools such as BrandVerity.

“BrandVerity allows us to monitor our clients’ trademarks in affiliates’ paid search campaigns, ensuring the clients’ in-house paid search efforts are not hindered by the affiliate program,” said Daniel Bryant, a Marketing Analyst at Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

Technology helps but it takes a dedicated team to ensure any trademark violations are dealt with quickly. “It’s important to be very aware of what’s going on and being able to react quickly when a situation arises,” Bryant said.

Schaaf-PartnerCentric monitors fraud every day for the programs we manage. Through regular monitoring and use of trademark monitoring tools, we’re able to roll back the negative effects of fraud and shut down those affiliates who violate trademark policies.

Perhaps the best evidence of our success with brand and trademark protection comes from something we heard recently from a search arbitrage affiliate who said he’s received more cease-and-desist requests from us than from the rest of the affiliate management world combined.

March 20, 2012

Schaaf-PartnerCentric Joins Other Sponsors for SXSW Affiliate Marketing Event

Author : Tom Rathbone

sxsw2 Schaaf-PartnerCentric CEO Brook Schaaf (at right)
and Steve Schaffer, CEO of Vertive, Publisher of, were co-hosts of the Austin Affiliate
Marketing Party @SXSW on March 12 in Austin.
The event was sponsored by 58Phases,,
Jutera, Marketing Clique and Schaaf-PartnerCentric
and was open to all affiliate marketers.

sxsw Members of the Schaaf-PartnerCentric team based in Austin were out
in force for the affiliate marketers event, including (from left): Jessica
Griffin, Nick Montrose, Brook Schaaf, Gina Bhakta and John Wong.

sxsw3 Jessica Griffin laughs as Nick Montrose shows off the muscle
behind affiliate marketing in Austin.

March 17, 2012

Affiliates: Please Take the 2012 AffStat Survey

Author : Tom Rathbone

The 2012 AffStat Survey is now underway – and it’s very important for all affiliates to participate. The thoughts you share in the survey become the facts and figures that help everyone in the industry learn more about what you want, what you need and what will help you succeed.

Take the survey at

If you’re not familiar with this survey, you can take a look at the 2011 AffStat Survey here:

March 16, 2012

Speed Matters: How Fast is YOUR Website?

Author : Tom Rathbone

All the effort you put into making your website a well-designed, well-planned and easily navigated instrument goes down the drain if your website load time is NOT optimized as well.

Every second counts when it comes to your website load time. The conventional wisdom is that a site should load in fewer than two seconds. Statistics bear this out: 47% of consumers expect a site to load in two seconds or less – and it a site takes longer than three seconds to load, 40% of consumers abandon the site altogether.

Ideally site load time will be a factor in the design and development of your website and will be optimized at the time of launch. If not, it’s high time you use one of the many free tools to evaluate your site load time.

There are many website load time testing sites to choose from, including:

The Google Speed Test is a great place to start – and the results it gives you are very actionable and easy to understand, something we can’t say about every speed test solution that’s available. Try the Google Speed Test here:

The Pingdom Speed Test is another great site speed test option – and the results are presented in a more visual way that appeals to those who prefer to “see” results rather than read them. Try the Pingdom Speed test here:


Little Miss Matched Coupon Deal: Buy Pair of SLIDERZ, Get Free Pack of Inserts

Author : Tom Rathbone

Little Miss Matched is now offering a promotion in which customers can get a free pack of inserts when they buy a pair of SLIDERZ. SLIDERS are going to be the latest, greatest thing this summer. These flip flops switch, flip and reverse to make up 264 combinations of style – all in one flip flop!

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LittleMissMatched, the innovative fashion and lifestyle label that launched with the simple mission of encouraging creativity and celebrating individual style, is a brand that is FUN, inspires CREATIVITY, embraces individual STYLE and celebrates self EXPRESSION.

The company started with socks sold in odd numbers and has expanded to include everything from  books and bedding to PJs and pencil pouches. Little Miss Matched makes fashion BOLD and FUN.

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Coupon Deal: Save $15 When You Spend $75+ on EC Research

Author : Tom Rathbone

EC Research, a pioneering developer of original cosmeceutical solutions for hard-to-treat skincare problems including scars, stretch marks and redness, is now offering special sale that enables customers to save $15 when they spend $75 or more at

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Save $3 off $30+ site wide at MiniInTheBox

Author : Tom Rathbone

MiniInTheBox is now offering a special coupon that enables customers to save $3 when they spend $30 or more at

Use coupon code MITB3OFF to get the savings offered by this promotion, which ends on March 31, 2012. has been a worldwide business leader in selling electronic gadget products since its creation in 2010. The MiniInTheBox Affiliate Program has been created to reward online communities, website publishers, bloggers and MiniInTheBox enthusiasts for promoting us on their websites. In return, MiniInTheBox offers you a new revenue stream and generous commissions.

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