May 31, 2013

Moosejaw 96 Hour Sale: Save an Extra 15% Off Clearance!

Author : Tom Rathbone

Moosejaw is now offering an additional 15% off Clearance Jackets, Clothing and Footwear. Just use code CONEY at checkout. Excludes gear on clearance. The sale ends Sunday (June 2).

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Moosejaw is a strongly converting, very popular, highly irreverent purveyor of outdoor supplies, featuring brands such as North Face, Patagonia, Mountain Hardware, Arcteryx, and Marmot. AND winner of the Ad Tech 2008 Award for Best Affiliate Campaign. Love the madness. For more information, visit

May 24, 2013

Important Affiliate Nexus Tax Law Updates from the PMA

Author : Tom Rathbone

The Performance Marketing Association has just issued an important alert about state sales tax laws. Here’s a recap:

+ Minnesota has passed F 677, an affiliate nexus tax bill that goes into effect June 30. Minnesota-based affiliates and retailers who do business with Minnesota based publishers should consult legal advisers about this as soon as possible.

Missouri has passed House Bill 252/Senate Bill 23. Gov. Jay Nixon is expected to sign this into law, making it effective Aug. 28.

Maine has introduced H.P. 251, which reportedly has support from the governor.

West Virginia did NOT pass an affiliate nexus tax. 

+ In Illinois this week, the state Supreme Court heard the state’s appeal to the PMA’s victory in 2012. Here’s what the PMA reports:

“Seven justices oversaw this hearing, and the PMA and our industry was very well represented by George Isaacson and Matt Schaeffer, the attorneys who secured our initial victory.  The Illinois Attorney General’s office represented the defendant, the Illinois Depart of Revenue. As appellant, they had first remarks lasting 20 minutes, followed by George’s arguments, lasting 20 minutes, followed by the appellant’s closing comments for 10 minutes.”

“In 2012, Judge Cepero ruled that Illinois’ affiliate nexus tax was unconstitutional, it violated the Internet Tax Freedom Act, and that a click on an ad does not establish nexus for out-of-state retailers (thereby obligating them to collect Illinois sales tax).”

“It’s difficult to predict how the court will rule, but the justices asked informed and engaging questions, and we believe there’s keen interest in our case because it was added to the docket six months ahead of schedule. We don’t know when they’ll issue their opinion, but we are hoping for the Illinois courts to continue to accelerate this case, providing we continue to win!”

As always, we strongly urge affiliate marketers (publishers and advertisers) to consult legal advisers on all matters of affiliate nexus tax law as they arise. Our thanks to the PMA for continuing to champion the best interests of all affiliate marketers across the country.

Join Schaaf-PartnerCentric in Booth 149 at IRCE 2013

Author : Tom Rathbone

Representatives from Schaaf-PartnerCentric, the agency that manages affiliate programs for some of the best and brightest brands in e-commerce, will attend IRCE 2013 June 2-4 at McCormick Place West in Chicago.

IRCE is the world’s largest e-commerce trade show and a networking and learning opportunity for online retail professionals. Members of the Schaaf-PartnerCentric team will be available in Booth 149 to consult retailers about their affiliate programs.

“The IRCE conference couldn’t have come at a better time with changes in the industry, including Google Affiliate Network’s shutdown in July, that make this an important chance for retailers to re-evaluate the strategies that drive their affiliate programs,” said Schaaf-PartnerCentric CEO Brook Schaaf. “With our knowledge of the affiliate landscape, we’re helping retailers identify gaps and publisher opportunities.”

Schaaf-PartnerCentric clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue with the help of more than 15,000 productive publishers on more than 15 affiliate networks. Members of the Schaaf-PartnerCentric team will be available in Booth 149 in the IRCE Exhibit Hall to consult retailers about new opportunities for their affiliate programs.

“We encourage retailers to take time during this conference to meet with our team so that we can discuss the challenges your affiliate program faces and how our team can help to overcome them,” Schaaf said. “It’s important for everyone to understand the changes that are coming and, just as importantly, the possibilities for growth that now exist.”

In January Schaaf-PartnerCentric received the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Best Agency/OPM of the Year. For more about the agency’s affiliate program management service and the team of affiliate mangers and marketers, visit

“The biggest brands in e-commerce come to IRCE to hear about the latest e-commerce technologies and services,” Schaaf said, “and that’s why we feel it’s important to attend. We want to ensure that attending retailers are on top of the latest trends and making the most of their affiliate programs.”

Contact Schaaf-PartnerCentric CEO Brook Schaaf today at (512) 549-8449 or to talk about the future of your affiliate program.

May 15, 2013

Moosejaw Gear Sale: 20-40% off Pack, Tents and More

Author : Tom Rathbone

Moosejaw is offering a Gear Sale now through May 27 featuring 20%-40% off packs, tents, footwear, clothing and gear from top brands such as Marmot, Osprey and Mountain Hardwear.

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May 10, 2013

Answers to Questions about the Marketplace Fairness Act

Author : Tom Rathbone

The Marketplace Fairness Act passed the U.S. Senate on Monday, and as the measure moves closer to becoming law we wanted to share answers to some of the question we’ve been getting about this legislation and its implications for the industry. Please remember that none of these answers constitute legal advice on the matter. We encourage you to stay informed and consult with your attorney before taking any action.

Question: What does the Marketplace Fairness Act mean for advertisers?
First, it’s important to note that the Marketplace Fairness Act is not yet law. It passed the U.S. Senate on May 6 but it now moves on to the U.S. House of Representatives for debate, which could take weeks or months. Our attorney, Gary Kibel, says it’s possible this will never by voted upon by the House. If the measure passes the House and becomes law, it would take effect on a state-by-state basis. It couldn’t be enacted until the state simplifies current tax law. More than 20 states have already done so in anticipation of this would-be law.

Question: Does this mean that any retailers that do not have their shopping carts set up to collect tax from each state now have to adjust their sites to do so?
That depends. Retailers with less than $1 million a year in out-of-state sales would be exempt. Also,  no sales tax would be collected from customers in a state that doesn’t have a sales tax (unless of course the state enacts a sales tax).

If this becomes law states will be allowed to require all online sellers to collect sales tax regardless of whether they have a physical presence in the state. States that decide to participate would have to simplify their tax systems and pay for sales tax collection software.  And no new national sales tax would be created. Those affected by this are retailers with more than $1 million in out-of-state sales, regardless of whether they are a pure-play or multichannel retailer.

According to the PMA: “The bill contain a new approach to sales tax reform, a ‘no-nexus’ concept that simply allows states to require out-of-state retailers to collect their sales taxes. The ‘no-nexus’ approach lets states keep their current sales tax policies in place, a critical requirement in getting bi-partisan support, and necessary to ensure passage.  Since all retailers (online and offline) would be required collect sales tax  on all purchases, online retailers will be able to reinstate their affiliate programs.”

Would this also mean that any non-solicitation agreements that are in place for affiliates would become void?  
Not necessarily. If an affiliate signed an agreement with a marketers not to engage in certain activities, that is still a binding agreement between the parties despite the new law. The parties to that agreement would have to agree to void/terminate the agreement. Our attorney, Gary Kibel, said he assumes everyone would want to do so.

As the PMA explained in their press release today: “The ‘Affiliate Nexus Tax’ laws created a loophole for over 1,000 online retailers: they could avoid collecting sales tax for those 9 states if they sever advertising agreements with these 76,000 Internet advertising businesses. The results were not at all what was intended: these 9 states not only did not collect new sales taxes from online retailers, but they lost income tax revenue from the devastation to the incomes of those 76,000 small businesses.”

Question: If retailers will be collecting sales taxes in all states will the retailers  be able to work with any publisher regardless of if there is a Nexus law in their state?
The PMA answered this one, too: “Passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act will require all retailers, whether online or offline, to collect sales tax for all states, and remove the ability to avoid collection obligation if they sever Internet advertising agreements,” said Rebecca Madigan, executive director of the Performance Marketing Association. “This will allow online retailers to reinstate their advertising agreements and get 76,000 small Internet advertising companies back in business.”

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May 03, 2013

DudaMobile Deals on Premium Subscriptions and Reseller Packages

Author : Tom Rathbone

DudaMobile, the mobile website creation platform that makes it easy to turn existing websites into mobile optimized sites, is now offering great deals on its premium subscription service and its reseller package.

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Matt Bell Joins Team as Director of Operations

Author : Tom Rathbone

We’re pleased to announced that Matt Bell has joined the Schaaf-PartnerCentric team in the key role of Director of Operations.

Matt has years of experience in the affiliate marketing space including time as a hands-on affiliate program manager. He says: “I’ve always enjoyed the relationship aspect of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about relationships. I love building and nourishing relationships that can create mutual value for each side.”

Before joining Schaaf-PartnerCentric, Bell was the Affiliate Manager for Shutterstock and a Business Development Manager for LinkShare Corporation, where he was responsible for working with high-potential publishers to promote offers within LinkShare’s Networks. There he specialized in developing optimized opportunities for advertiser offerings including form hosting, pay per call, email, search engine marketing and other efforts. Most recently he served as Vice President of Business Development for the Taggify ad network.

“Matt’s experience, especially his time as a hands-on affiliate manager, is a tremendous asset as he helps us continue to provide the highest standard of support and service for our clients,” said Schaaf-PartnerCentric CEO Brook Schaaf. “Matt will lead our ongoing commitment to top-notch reporting and analytical support for all of the programs we manage.”

At Schaaf-PartnerCentric, Bell will help an Operations team comprised of affiliate marketing analysts and strategists continue to provide service and support to the more than 50 advertisers who have outsourced management of their affiliate programs to Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

“Schaaf-PartnerCentric has a very strong brand and a track record of success to back it up,” Bell said. “The company brings a wealth of experience to each client’s campaign. The managers in the company each bring hands-on experience to the table. I think one of the strongest competitive advantages for Schaaf-PartnerCentric is the experience and industry knowledge we bring to the table.”

Bell will be based at the company’s headquarters in downtown Austin. To read more about Matt or to contact him, visit his biography on our site.