August 28, 2014

Offer Your Customers Photography Software; Join Macphun Today!

Author : wade

Schaaf-PartnerCentric is now managing the affiliate program for Macphun, which creates photography software for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Macphun apps have more than 22 million users around the globe. The company won the 2012-2013 Best of Mac App Store titles and many other software awards.

Macphun software inspires photographers of all levels to create the most stunning pictures ever. With devoted users around the world, their photography applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac literally help millions of photos become more eye-catchy daily.

The Macphun affiliate program is managed by affiliate program management agency Schaaf-PartnerCentric on Avangate, the leading customer-centric, digital commerce solution with a complete tool set for successfully selling software and online services to individual customers. The Avangate affiliate network is the global affiliate network for software and SaaS. The network features digital goods and services for global distribution, leverage a growing database of software products, advanced marketing tools and expertise and the industry’s highest commissions.

For more information about the Macphun affiliate program, and to join, visit

August 20, 2014

We’re Now Managing Gardener’s Home Garden Affiliate Programs

Author : wade

Home and garden is a popular and lucrative category for affiliates – and the opportunity to turn your customers’ green thumbs into green cash money just went into full bloom. Schaaf-PartnerCentric is pleased to announce that we are now managing affiliate programs for two of Gardener’s properties.

Gardener’s, if you don’t already know, has been the No. 1 source of products for home gardeners for more than 30 years. This company is the largest direct marketer in the gardening industry. With your help,
Gardener’s would like to continue to grow its online business through these two affiliate programs. is the No. 1 online destination for pots, planters and planter accessories. has unparalleled access to unique, often exclusive, gardening products, and have earned reliable industry backing to support to help them reach their ambitious growth targets. offers the biggest and best selection of raised beds, elevated gardens, DIY garden accessories, and best in class garden products, including many exclusive and propriatery products. is committed to offering the best value proposition in the industry, including a guarantee on the lowest order cost and free shipping on almost everything being sold. Raised beds is the fastest growing segment in the gardening industry during the past four years.

Both of these affiliate programs are under our management on the ShareASale network. Affiliates earn a 7% flat commission, and the VIP commission may go as high as 11%. This affiliate program offers a datafeed that is updated daily.

Learn more about these affiliate programs and apply to join and today.

August 19, 2014

Join 99designs Affiliate Program and Promote Crowdsourced Graphic Design!

Author : wade

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now managing the 99designs affiliate program. This opportunity is a great fit for any publisher whose customers need logos or other graphic design elements for work or pleasure.

99designs is the premier marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design, and as a 99designs affiliate, you can enjoy great commissions on sales placed at 99design’s logo store, as well as on any design projects that you refer!

Earn the highest commissions in the industry. We now offer $75 per design contest and 25% commission on ready-made logo purchases.

99designs offers great designs at competitive prices. Join the 99designs affiliate program today and start promoting this great brand. The 99designs affiliate program offers 60 day cookie terms and custom banner and link creation. Just ask, and 99designs will supply you with the best producing ads for your site.

Learn more about the 99designs affiliate program and apply to join today.

August 18, 2014

Join ADASA Affiliate Program to Connect Shoppers to Women’s Fashions

Author : wade

We’re excited to announce a new client – – that’s a perfect fit for publishers who specialize in women’s fashions. offers a marketplace that aggregates products from women’s contemporary boutiques, connecting shoppers with today’s most coveted labels. The company has partnerships with America’s best independent and designer boutiques. This innovative and engaging fashion community delivers unique edits and signature style.

Consumers are able to shop one or many boutiques with one simple checkout and the best in boutique-style personal service.

Join the affiliate program today!

August 04, 2014

Affiliate Marketers Leading the Work from Home Revolution

Author : wade

Telecommuting Since 2005, the number of workers who telecommute has increased by more than 60%, according to Inc. Magazine. Today more than 2 million Americans work from home at least part time, and the affiliate marketing industry has long been a leader in this shift away from traditional office jobs.

According to the 2014 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report, the majority (45.5%) of affiliate marketers work from home, while 21.6% of affiliate markers surveyed commute to an office and 32.8% do a combination of the two.

If recent surveys are to believed, these numbers will continue to grow. Inc. Magazine also reports that 69% of all office workers said they would work from home at least part-time if their companies allowed it.

While companies might once have been inclined to believe telecommuting was the domain of parents and slackers, the numbers paint a picture of increased productivity among those who work from home.

Stanford University conducted a study last year in which some call center employees were allowed to telecommute. Those work from home employees were 13% more productive than those who remained in the office.

Here are some more statistics that might inspire employers to re-think strategies regarding telecommuting:

  • Telecommuters with creative jobs are, on average, 20% more productive than their office-bound peers.
  • Telecommuters are twice as likely to work more than a 40-hour work week.
  • Employers can save as much as $11,000 per employee if the individual telecommutes even half the time.

Check out our Infographic: Home Work on the Rise for current facts and figures about telecommuting as the new way of doing business.

Infographic: Telecommuting on the Rise

We Hope to See YOU at Affiliate Summit East 2014

Author : wade

Schaaf-PartnerCentric is sending a large crew to the Big Apple later this week for Affiliate Summit East 2014, which starts Sunday at the New York Marriott Marquis.

We’ll be taking meetings in our suite throughout the three-day conference. If you’d like to set up a time to meet with us, you can email us today and we’ll schedule a time.

If you’re attending sessions, you can hear our CEO, Brook Schaaf, present at a session called “Advertisers: Why Commission Segmentation Matters to You” from 2 – 3 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 11 in the hotel’s Majestic Complex.

Here’s who will be attending Summit East. Look for us there!