June 29, 2016

Five Content Ideas for Summer by Affiliate Window

Author : Morgan Simon

At Schaaf-PartnerCentric, one of our favorite things about the affiliate marketing industry is the fantastic partnerships we’ve been able to form. Affiliate Window is one of those, and today we are excited to have PR & Marketing Coordinator, Courtney Lowenthal, guest posting on our blog. Continue reading to find out five summer content ideas!


With the lack of gifting holidays during the summer months, this time of year tends to lend itself as a slow period for both advertisers and publishers. Although this season can be quieter than others, the warmer weather brings the opportunity for consumers to participate in more activities and events, most of which require new purchases. So, if you’re a publisher and looking to beat the heat (and summer slump), check out these content ideas from Affiliate Window, sure to boost sales over the next few months.

Sporting Events and Equipment
No matter which state or country you are in, summer is a time full of major sporting events. Aside from the typical MLB season, this summer will be jammed packed with events including the UEFA Euros, Wimbledon, Tour de France and of course, the Rio Olympic Games which begin in August. Although many of these events are hosted internationally, all provide the opportunity for people to come together and watch games, purchase gear and host parties for family and friends. From decorations and recipes, to jerseys and décor to cheer on their favorite teams, publishers have an abundance of content topics to choose from that will help your readers enjoy the games.  Why not create a guide on ‘How to host an Olympics party’ or ‘Wimbledon Party Essentials’, to name a few.

The warmer weather also increases consumer’s involvement in outdoor activities such as cycling, tennis, hiking and golf. Publishers can create blog posts on their favorite local golf courses, or gather reviews of equipment for more experienced athletes.

Wedding Season
Love it or not, wedding season is upon us which means consumers are evaluating their party attire and searching for gifts. According to data from eBay, searches for ‘wedding presents’ and other wedding related items are set to surge this month, as June 2015 saw a 33% increase compared to the two months prior. To stand out from the traditional wedding bloggers, tailor your content to include gift ideas on a budget, DIY gifts or alternative wedding attire options.

BBQs and Gardening
There’s nothing better than firing up the grill for the first barbecue of the summer! Grilling equipment, outdoor furniture and summer recipes are great ways to target this market. Why not get even more creative and suggest ways how to spruce up gardens, make the most of smaller outdoor spaces, and garden on a budget.

Last Minute Travel
The peak travel booking season may be in January, but that doesn’t mean that all consumers have booked their summer vacations yet. Now is a great time for publishers to put together a list of the best last minute travel bargains on destination near and far. For those readers who are well prepared and have booked their travel in advance, create a guide full of the essential items they will need on their trip: beach apparel, sunscreen, travel adapters, headphones, car rentals, airports transfers…the list goes on!

Activities for Children
While summer is an exciting time of year for most people, let’s think about the parents who now have to keep their children entertained for two months! Here is where you can step in with a list of activities and toys perfect for a hot summer day, such as pools and trampolines, as well as trips to local theme parks, zoos, festivals, museums, and more. For most publishers, the more local the offers, the better as this will ensure you are targeting the correct audience. For those with larger amounts of traffic, try contacting local businesses directly to enquire about a partnership. If you don’t ask, you will never know what they can offer!

Slow season? I think not! With all of these content ideas, plus countless more possibilities, publishers have an endless number of ways to keep readers engaged this summer.  

Thanks Courtney, and if you’d like to read more great performance marketing tips and tricks head over to the Affiliate Window blog

June 28, 2016

10 Favorite Client Quotes in Honor of SPC’s 10th Anniversary!

Author : Morgan Simon


You read that right folks, Schaaf-PartnerCentric is officially 10 years old! In celebration of our anniversary, we will be starting a monthly series for the rest of 2016 where we will share some of the SPC behind-the-scenes story. Our focus as a company is on building meaningful relationships, and we truly believe that is what has allowed us to reach this milestone. We are eternally grateful to you; our employees, clients, affiliates, technology partners, and industry supporters for helping us get here. 

To kick off the celebrating, we’d love to share 10 of our very favorite client quotes from the past 10 years…

One Step Ahead

“The best part about working with Schaaf has been the day to day communication with our account manager.  She is always one step ahead of us in shaping goals for our affiliate program.  She’s always very responsive and doesn’t hesitate to look in to any issues that arise.  I also have gained full trust in her and Schaaf that they’re putting our best interests first and won’t do anything we’re not comfortable with.”

Going Above and Beyond

“I wanted to reach out and inform you about the outstanding job done by [your account managers] recently. We were are all collaborating on a large project recently, but then the [New York Office] was hit by Hurricane Sandy followed up by a major snow storm. When I was finally able to return back to work I was overjoyed to see that they took all responsibilities upon themselves to manage the entire project. They clearly went above and beyond to ensure the mission was completed. Having employees like these two ladies says a great deal about the quality of Schaaf-Partner Centric. I want to thank you and them for helping us out when we needed it most.”

Great Partnerships

“We really enjoy doing business with Schaaf-PartnerCentric and their clients. They consistently keep adding to their great portfolio of advertisers, and I have been extremely impressed with the knowledge and dedication of their account teams. We have great partnerships with many of their clients and are looking forward to expanding our business with them. We have a big presence in the software sector and Schaaf-PartnerCentric has played a key role in our growth.”

True Professionals

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with our Account Manager and Schaaf-PartnerCentric over the last several years. They are true professionals and understand what it takes to create win-win partnerships.”

Dedicated to Producing Results

“Schaaf-PartnerCentric has been one of the most responsive and data-driven agencies we’ve worked with. The Program Managers at Schaaf-PartnerCentric are always open to testing new strategies for optimization, and they’re dedicated to helping us grow our programs and producing results. We’re grateful for our relationship with Schaaf-PartnerCentric, and we’re excited to continue to grow our business with their help!”

Professional and Responsive

“Schaaf PC has been an amazing partner to work with for a number of merchants we have across our sites. They’re entire team is always very professional, very responsive, and always ensures that the relationships forged through affiliate benefit all parties involved. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any brand at any level that wishes to grow their business through the affiliate marketing channel.”

Impart Confidence

“Working with Schaaf-PartnerCentric gives me confidence while running marketing campaigns. Their expertise is undeniable! It’s great to have a partner that helps me help achieve goals and investigate new opportunities in a friendly and timely manner. I can depend on Schaaf-PartnerCentric to come through when I need it.”

Passionate about Performance Marketing

“Schaaf-PartnerCentric is always reliable with their passion, which makes you happy during work and their professional way of conducting business. They have such magic power to have you believe that you can count on them. And it always turns out you can indeed.”

Understands the Industry

“The Schaaf-PartnerCentric Team is communicative, flexible and understands the multi-channel options within affiliate marketing. The team is friendly and open to new ideas that benefit both the merchant and the publisher. Whether on the phone, via email or meeting face-to-face, their team instills pride in their merchants, partnerships and emphasis on relationship building.”

Overcome Barriers

“Schaaf-PartnerCentric has helped us overcome barriers in recruiting new categories of publishers. Through dedication and perseverance Schaaf-PartnerCentric has helped us tap into new categories to help expand our affiliate program and reach a wider audience.

The team at Schaaf-PartnerCentric has made our life easier as an advertiser in many ways. We can trust Schaaf-PartnerCentric to recruit the best publishers for our program on a daily basis. With their knowledge and network of affiliates they’re a key asset in growing the amount of active publishers in our different campaigns.”

Now that you know why our clients love us, we’d love to chat with you. If you are interested in experiencing our rock star team first hand click below to setup your complimentary program audit. We want to work our magic for your company, too! 


June 24, 2016

Farm Fresh to You Chooses SPC to Manage its Affiliate Program

Author : Dana Pezzin


SPC welcomes Farm Fresh To You to the SPC family!  Farm Fresh to You is a second-generation organic farm that got its start in the Coastal Range’s Capay Valley, 90 miles northeast of San Francisco and 35 miles west of Sacramento. Founded by Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes in 1976, Farm Fresh to You marked the early stages of the organic foods movement. Understanding the sometimes harmful methods of modern agriculture, they realized that there was a niche for quality organic produce grown the way that nature intended it to be – organically. They deliver organically grown fruits and vegetables to doorsteps and offices in both Northern and Southern, CA.

Program Benefits:

  • Flat Commission Payout of $25 per order
  • Monthly Affiliate Newsletter
  • Professional and consistently updated selection of creative banners and text links
  • Promotional Coupon Code
  • Managed by Schaaf PartnerCentric

Sign up for the Farm Fresh to You Affiliate Program here.

Learn more about Farm Fresh to You.

The Farm Fresh to You Affiliate Program is professionally managed by Daniel Bryant.

June 23, 2016

Dromma Is Getting Cozy with Schaaf-PartnerCentric!

Author : Dana Pezzin


SPC is excited to welcome DrommaBed to the Schaaf-PartnerCentric family! Dromma has revolutionized the mattress industry by offering what many are calling “The most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on” at a price you can actually afford. DrommaBed.com is one of the newest players in the exploding “Bed-in-a-Box” online mattress industry. They manufacture a high-quality, ultra comfortable memory foam bed, made from sustainable, Eco-friendly materials. All Dromma products are 100% sourced & manufactured in the USA.

Sign up for the DrommaBed Affiliate Program here!

Find out more about DrommaBed.

June 16, 2016

Deals to Help Beat the Summertime Blues

Author : Angela_Stockman


You know the lyrics – sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do, but there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues…   Sure enough, we’re here, at the start of those beautiful, warm, magic days of summer. Thoughts of swinging lazily on your hammock with a glass of ice cold lemonade in the breeze or swimming in the lake are likely clogging your mind. Who wants to spend long hours working when there is so much fun to have?

We’re here to tell you that you can have your sunshine and beat the blues! From BBQ’s on the beach, to traveling the world, we’d love to share some amazing summer-time activities and how you can set yourself up as an affiliate to earn commissions while enjoying much needed pool time.  We at SPC have a few tips for making this summer work for you…

Head Out on a Trip!

Summer is considered peak season for a lot of major destinations in the travel industry. Be “in the know” for amazing deals to the world’s top travel spots!

Now is the perfect time for embracing or escaping the heat and having fun! Tours4Fun has you covered with amazing travel deals to your favorite destinations.  Check out our 4th of July celebration with Red, White & Blue worthy prices!

If you’d like to sign up for the Tours4Fun affiliate program you can do so here

If Island life is more your style, why not spend 7 days in the Azores at an amazing, too-good-to-be-true price!  An outdoor lover’s paradise, experience valleys, flowers, mountains and lakes, like you’ve never seen them before. Enjoy not only the land beauty, but the ocean wonders too! Guided whale watching and dolphins that cross our oceans through all year. AzoresGetways offers deals at $699 per person including flight and accommodations for 6 nights!

If you’d like to sign up for the AzoresGetaways affiliate program you can do so here

Spend a lazy day in the pool!  

The right pool toys and floats can add to the fun and relaxation of owning a pool! In the Swim offers thousands of swimming pool products in stock with exciting brand new items arriving every season. From the sleek selection of luxury pool loungers, elegant inflatable swans, to Pirate Island Adventure Sets, In The Swim has everything you need for endless swashbuckling fun!

If you’d like to sign up for the In the Swim affiliate program signup here

Stay Healthy!

People simply want to look good and feel great when the summer comes. Live better, feel better and go with natural, healthier choices. E-hydrate’s products provide your body the nutrients required to stay strong and keep your mind sharp, no matter what your fitness level or intensity of your workout.

If you’d like to sign up for the E-hydrate’s affiliate program you can do so here

As the days heat up, it’s important to also adapt your nutritional needs as the season changes. Whether you’re a nutrition novice or a health guru, Vitamin World (vitaminworld.com) can help guide you on your journey to becoming your best self. Get to know the wellness enthusiast inside you.

If you’d like to sign up for Vitamin World’s affiliate program here

Hot Summer Fashion!

It’s a beautiful day and we’re feeling beachy, so let’s dive into our favorite for swim brands, South Moon Under (southmoonunder.com)!  A fashion forward company that offers an eclectic mix of men’s and women’s clothing, swimwear, accessories, jewelry, and gifts for the home.  South Moon Under offers unique styles with a laid back and free spirited mindset that inspires self expression through the art of fashion.

If you’d like to join the South Moon Under affiliate program, sign up here

Remember, finding the perfect summer products to promote can be a bit tricky at first. But if you start with the basics and look for items that you are already using personally, what can seem like an overwhelming task suddenly becomes fun and profitable.

June 14, 2016

Meet the Team: SPC MVPs

Author : Dana Pezzin

If you’ve ever met anybody from our team in person, you can probably tell that the Schaaf-PartnerCentric team is one big, happy family.  We’re incredibly proud of our employees and wanted to give you; our valued clients and partners, the chance to get to know our team on a deeper level. We are thrilled to introduce to you a new series, Meet the Team: SPC MVPs! In this monthly post, we will highlight a few of our team members to give more insight into who they are and how our company functions. This month we are excited to introduce you to Tracie, Dan & Alex!


The force was strong with Tracie and her family on Halloween! Depicted here: Tracie, her hubby Jonathan, Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker (aka: Isla & James)

Tracie Gross – 

Sr. Affiliate Program Manager

How long have you worked for SPC?

10 Years!  (4 with PartnerCentric and then 6 once Schaaf acquired PartnerCentric)

What does your typical day look like?

I’m very routine. After taking the kids to school, I start my morning answering emails and checking performance for my clients from the prior day.  After that, I’ll start my tasks I’ve prioritizes for the day.  Part preparing for a client weekly status call, part working with my team executing the strategies put in place for my clients.  Before you know it, it’s time to pick the kids up from school.

What do you enjoy most about the industry?

Every single day is different. There are so many new and innovative ways to recruit, grow revenue, partner with new affiliates, create compelling offers, etc.. You never know what to expect.

Is there anything else you want readers to know about you?

I’m happy to work at a company where my colleagues share the same love for 90’s rap as I do.

If you could travel anywhere in the world for one week, where would you go and why?

I would go back to Bora Bora – the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.  I went for my honeymoon and hope one day I’ll make it back there despite the very long trip to get there.  When you think of paradise, it’s basically Bora Bora.

Alex & her fiancè, Hayden, visiting the place they first met in Santa Barbara!

Alex Reno (soon to be Alex Aquilon!) –

Project Manager, Technology

How long have you worked for SPC?

1 year and 2 months

What does your typical day look like?

Being in technology, the best part about my work day is that there is always a new obstacle to tackle! My morning always starts with my BIG cup of Peet’s coffee (have a small addiction). I always make sure to tackle any urgent tracking issues or integrations first, and then I  dive into current technical items and product catalogs.

What do you enjoy most about the industry?

The tight-knit affiliate group of intelligent individuals of course! Also, the recap of your job description from someone who is not in the industry:  “I think she does something with online advertisers on the computer with those banners that pop up, and some code stuff.”

Is there anything else you want readers to know about you?

I just got engaged in Mexico in April, I cannot wait to start the next chapter! 

When you were little, what did you dream of being when you grew up?

A grocery bagger and you better believe I can bag the best bag of groceries till this day!

Dan enjoying a little slice of Chicago before ShareAsale ThinkTank!

Dan Fink –

Senior Affiliate Manager

How long have you worked for SPC?

6 years

What does your typical day look like?

A Hero Sandwich – I begin and end my day with some of the daily and more standard tasks and in between there is lots of good stuff going on.

What do you enjoy most about the industry?

I enjoy how affiliate marketing continues to be an extremely dynamic piece of the marketing puzzle for merchants.  After being in the industry for over 13 years many pieces of the industry continue to change so quickly that it never gets boring.  We learn new ways to re-invent our programs and partnerships.  Whether that means utilizing a new technology, new way of collecting data, or working with a new type of publisher.

Is there anything else you want readers to know about you?

I’m a night owl and can’t force myself to sleep before 1am.

When you were little, what did you dream of being when you grew up?

I wanted to be a paleontologist (dinosaur hunter) and my parents actually sent me out to the Badlands when I was 14 to try it out for 2 weeks on my own with this science museum program on Long Island.  It was a neat experience, we saw a lot of the West besides mountains of dirt and I did get some dinosaur bones. More importantly, I learned that at least for me the actual actions of a paleontologist are quite boring and not at all like Jurassic Park.

That’s all, folks! Tune in next month to get to know your SPC family a little better!

June 10, 2016

Welcome, myLab Box, to the SPC Family!

Author : Dana Pezzin

mylabboxSchaaf-PartnerCentric is proud to welcome myLab Box to the SPC family. myLAB Box was created by California entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to fix a major gap between the way we all approach our sexual health and medical standards. Having worked with some of the best experts in the U.S. to design a program that allows you to skip the complications and bring the lab home, each test can be completed in less than 5 minutes (including reading the instructions) with no need to drive, schedule appointments or wait in line. myLAB Box Affiliate Program partners with the first and only nationwide at-home STD testing service.

Find out more about myLab Box!

The myLab Box Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by Daniel Bryant.

Sign up link:

SAS: http://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantiD=62566