July 27, 2016

Top Reasons Employees Love Working at SPC!

Author : Morgan Simon

spc10_fireworks_blogimageYou read that right folks, Schaaf-PartnerCentric is officially 10 years old! In celebration of our anniversary, we will be starting a monthly series for the rest of 2016 where we will share some of the SPC behind-the-scenes story. Our focus as a company is on building meaningful relationships, and we truly believe that is what has allowed us to reach this milestone. We are eternally grateful to you; our employees, clients, affiliates, technology partners, and industry supporters for helping us get here. 

Last month we shared our 10 top client quotes, and this month we wanted to share a bit more about what motivates our employees to provide such great service to our clients. Here are the Top Reasons our employees love working at Schaaf-PartnerCentric…

Fun Personalities

“The helpfulness, fun personalities and incredible knowledge of all the employees at SPC is why I enjoy working here!” – Kristine Kirschke, Affiliate Program Manager/ REACH Team Lead

Eager to Help Out

“I love the team! Everyone is so wonderful to work with and eager to help one another out.” – Erinn Groh, Affiliate Program Manager

Work/ Life Balance

“I LOVE so many things about working here, the people, the autonomy to be trusted to do what I do best, ability to work remote, but most importantly I love that around lunch time or random times of the day I can take a quick break to go downstairs and give my little boys a quick kiss and play with them.  That will never get old!” – Lisette Howard, Director of Client Services, Performance

Constantly Learning

“I love working at SPC because I love our smart, hard working, fun team. I love that we are a small company and it’s pretty easy to get to know everyone and that I’m constantly learning! Everyday!” – Adrienne Erreca, Director of Client Services, Operations

Willing to Try New Things

“I love that our leadership team supports trying new techniques and strategies – both for our clients and our own company. We are able to have creative freedom as employees, which in turn, makes us more innovative as a company.” – Morgan Simon, Senior Marketing and Business Development Manager

Direct Results

” I love working at SPC because of  my fantastic, supportive colleagues with a great senses of humor! I also love seeing direct results from my tasks (i.e. recruiting and optimizing a certain affiliate in a client’s program that ends up being a top performer!)” – Megan Sabo, Affiliate Program Manager

We Get Results

“I love working at SPC because great people work here!  We have a supportive environment, positive culture and celebrate success. We provide the highest level of service, work hard and get results.” – Angela Stockman, Affiliate Program Manager

Productive, Fantastic Team

“First and foremost, this is a fantastic team.  We really try to protect the culture — if there’s a bully, if there’s someone who’s not up to snuff, or if they are just not aligned with our values, we take action.  What that creates is a really strong team of talented, productive, like-minded people who really respect and like each other.  A lot of this team has been with each other for years and years.  I myself have been here for years and years.  This is a company that wants to make this place so good that an A player wants to stay forever.  And to that end, it’s a great work/life balance, while still being dynamic and interesting and fun.  We do our team and family retreats and you can see  how excited people are to see each other and get closer with their families.  This is a special thing and I think it takes a special company to invest in that kind of bonding and rapport-building.” – Stephanie Harris, CEO

Now that you know why our team loves working here, we’d love to chat with you. If you are interested in experiencing our rock star team first hand click here to setup your complimentary program audit. We want to work our magic for your company, too! 

July 20, 2016

Trends and Moves: July

Author : Tom Rathbone

We don’t want to brag, but at Schaaf-PartnerCentric, when it comes to employees, we have the best. You’ve likely heard us mention that our Affiliate Managers have an average of 10 years in the industry, but have you heard about our technology team? From program implementation to solving tracking issues to addressing attribution, they are performance marketing experts through and through. We’ve been keeping their expertise to ourselves and our clients, and have decided it is time we share their wealth of knowledge with the world. We will be doing this through a new monthly series called ‘Trends and Moves’ where Tom Rathbone, Schaaf-PartnerCentric Head of Technology, will share news stories and updates on where the industry is headed.


We’re halfway through 2016 and we continue to see a focus on “Personalization,” which essentially is the idea that merchants tailor advertising and offers to the target customer. Generally, the actual implementation of personalization strategies across the marketing mix does not seem to have taken hold, but the investment into solutions that will allow this certainly has.

Successfully implementing personalization requires a full understanding of what your customers are uniquely looking for as individuals. This requires the collection of a lot of data points, followed by the technology to utilize those data points.

At Schaaf-PartnerCentric, we continue to ask ourselves how we can increase the data we operate with for our clients and how we can develop personalization techniques that apply specifically to the affiliate channel.

Personalization in the News


The growth of video as an advertising medium and the continually increasing use of mobile devices are directly tied together. And it’s not just video on social networks – digital video engagement is outpacing social network engagement.

It brings up the question, why has mobile growth outpaced video until now? The answer is simply a matter of bandwidth. In regions where mobile bandwidth is plentiful, we can expect video to continue to grow rapidly. In other regions, we can expect moving images, such as .gif’s, to connect more.

For us at SPC, this brings up the question of how much of our focus is on video and mobile affiliates. Are we staying ahead of the trends and incorporating video and mobile affiliate strategy into our clients programs in a timely and cost-effective manner?

Video in the News

July 13, 2016

Performance Marketing: The First Wave of 2016 (Infographic)

Author : Dana Pezzin

As we all know, performance marketing is an ever-changing industry. There is no shortage of new trends, changes, acquisitions and surprises. We’ve already seen some really exciting things happening in 2016 and thought an infographic would be a great way to share it all with you…