November 04, 2016

Go Healthy Next Joins the SPC Family!


Go Healthy Next is the newest member of the Schaaf-PartnerCentric Family!! Let us share with you a little about them! Founder, Eileen Durfee, established in 2010 while on her quest to find answers to her own health challenges. She develops innovative health products to supply to customers worldwide and is a Dr. Wilson approved practitioner of Nutritional Balancing Science. The company’s products are created for a large array of markets and people who wish to maintain or restore their health and protect against the accumulation of toxins. These products can be purchased on the company She seeks to educate customers on the concepts of Dr. John S. Scherger, Dr. Paul Eck, and Dr. Lawrence Wilson and Nutritional Balancing Science. These consist of lifestyle and diet guidelines and detoxification protocols and methods. 

Program Details:

  • International Traffic Allowed. 
  • We offer electronic PDF test results and printed and mailed test results, and can ship to any address in the world. 
  • LinkConnector exclusive advertiser
  • Earn 10% commission.
  • 45 day cookie

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