February 15, 2013

A Look at Leading Digital Marketing Priorities for 2013


A new report fromĀ eMarketer.com, based on a survey of client-side marketers worldwide, offers a look at the leading priorities for digital marketers this year.

Content marketing climbed to the top of the list this year with 39% saying it was their top priority – up from 29% last year. Conversion rate optimization also saw a big increase year-over-year with 39% saying it was a priority – up from 34% last year.

Other key findings:
– Targeting and personalization is a priority for 37% – a considerable increase since it wasn’t on the list last year.
– Video marketing fell substantially as a priority. Now at 9%, it was 21% last year. Same with social media analytics, which is 9% now after being at 19% last year.

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