February 13, 2010

Advertisers who forge ahead now will do better later

ComScore’s latest research – based on analysis of fourth quarter e-commerce earnings – demonstrates clearly that advertisers who continue to advertise during shaky economic times will fare better during and after economic downswing has ended. Those advertisers who pull back on their marketing have a harder time recovering even after the economy rights itself.

That particular finding, shared in a comScore webinar Thursday afternoon, is not part of the research findings just released by comScore but is a compelling discovery the research firm made while analyzing Q4 2009 data.

Also revealed in the report is online retail sales’ current marketshare, which now represents more than 7 percent of the total retail economy. That share is expected to grow to 29-30% over the next several years.

As expected, social media, video marketing and mobile marketing are all growing steadily month over month, quarter over quarter. Read the comScore report and see for yourself the current state and future direction of e-commerce sales.

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