December 04, 2009

Affiliate Convention: Day 1 full of highlights

The organizers of Affiliate Convention are to be congratulated on another great conference. Today was day one of the show and we’ve enjoyed the great speakers, interesting topics. We can’t wait for tomorrow’s “How to Repel Super Affiliates with Crappy Landing Pages” led by Tim Ash of SiteTuners.

Our own President/CEO Linda Woods was part of a panel discussion this morning about what it takes to be a successful affiliate. The panel was followed by a special live interview from the trade show floor – broadcast throughout the exhibit hall on large display panels. If you want to know what was said, let us know. We’ll be happy to share.

Danny Sullivan’s keynote this afternoon touched on the usual PPC and organic search issues. Perhaps most interesting was his take on Rupert Murdoch’s recent comments that search engines are stealing news content, and that news media outlets should stop giving it away free.

If you’ve missed the boat on this show, you will be able to catch up through video content on

Just heard a rumor that Shock G from Digital Underground will be the entertainment at tonight’s Affiliate Bashparty in Beverly Hills. The last party – June in Denver – is somewhat (in)famous, and tonight looks to be just as great.

As for PartnerCentric, we’ve enjoyed meeting so many new affiliates. Their excitement is infectious, and we look forward to working with them as they begin promoting the affiliate programs we manage. This show was also a great opportunity to introduce our new Director of Client Services – Stephanie Lewis. For those of you who already know Stephanie from her many years of service in affiliate marketing, you know how lucky we are to have her on board.

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