January 01, 2014

Affiliate Manager Do’s and Don’ts

The new year is a time of fresh possibilities for us personally and, as affiliate managers, for the affiliate programs we manage.

As all of our affiliate managers were coming up with the strategies and goals for 2014, they were also thinking about the many do’s and don’ts that guide their work. Affiliate management is a combination of these do’s and don’ts – and we wanted to share some of them with you to help you plan for next year.  Happy New Year!


  • Do remember who your top publishers are – and reach out to them early and often to ensure they continue to be active contributors to the program.
  • Do take a look at all creative and make sure it’s fresh and ready for seasonal opportunities.
  • Do testing to ensure all tracking is working after the busy holiday season.
  • Do share insights gained from the holiday season so wins/losses can be taken into account for future holiday strategy sessions.
  • Do ask your client’s (or merchandising team) for best of web pricing on products to push out to the deal sites.
  • Do look for opportunities with new and innovative publishers.
  • Do think about what your publishers needs are and try to get them what they need.
  • Do investigate promotional methods and potential fraud for pubs with abnormal KPIs.
  • Do look deep into data to find growth opportunities and gaps.


    • Don’t forget to set – and follow – a promotional calendar for the new year.
    • Don’t forget to ask for rate cards so you’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to placement opportunities.
    • Don’t ignore inactive publishers. You should be reaching out to get them interested and active again.
    • Don’t let the publisher newsletter get ho-hum and boring. Keep it fresh and inviting.
    • Don’t forget to check your program’s datafeed. Spot checking could help find some mishaps in the feed.
    • Don’t forget to review the competitors and their promos, payouts, etc for planning in the following year.
    • Don’t ignore important enforcement tasks such as TM bidding.
    • Don’t forget to review your cash back rates vs. your competitors’ on loyalty sites.
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