September 28, 2013

Affiliate Marketing Digest: News You Can Use


Welcome to another edition ofAffiliate Marketing Digest, the weekly newsletter for affiliate marketers chock-full of news, articles and actionable tips.

Our friends at the Performance Marketing Association filed an amicus curiae brief (friend of the court) this week with the U.S. Supreme Court, supporting petitions filed by Amazon and New York, requesting the Court hear their challenges of the New York Affiliate Nexus Tax law. You can read the brief.

We’ve also got news of the latest State of the Mobile Web report by web company Opera Software, which examines these types of weekly usage patterns, using information about the type of sites visited by Opera Mini users in the United States. It’s a fascinating look at mobile content consumption.

You’ve know doubt heard the buzz about Hummingbird, Google’s latest algorithm update, which affects 90% of all search results.

This week we’re also sharing a cautionary tale for anyone who still thinks posting fake product reviews is in any way a good idea. Just ask the SEO companies that have just been fined for posting such reviews.

We love actionable tips. Who doesn’t? This week we’ve got Four Ways the Search Industry Has Changed andFour Old School Ways to Thrive in Any Economy.

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