December 14, 2013

Affiliate Marketing News: The Week that Was


You enjoy getting good news, right? Great. We’ve got great news to share in today’s Affiliate Marketing Digest.

Online sales increased 71% YOY last weekendaccording to comscore – and Cyber Monday II was the third billion-dollar day in web sales this year.

The good holiday season news will continue to roll in – and we’ll be sure to share it with you – but it’s also good to keep an eye on the new year. Our own Kris Ritchie, affiliate manager extraordinaire, shared her tips for Planning for a Successful 2014 in the ShareASale blog series #Bestof2013.

While we’re on the topic of good news, we just learned that the Schaaf-PartnerCentric blog has been named a Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Blog of 2013 by Affiliate Summit. We want to thank those of you who voted for our blog. We appreciate your support!

Don’t miss the latest issue of FeedFront magazine, which is now available online. Schaaf-PartnerCentricDirector of Operations Stephanie Harris contributed a great article about the DiSC personality assessment and how it can help your company as it helped ours.

In other news this week we’ve got the scoop on CAKE’s program to migrate DirectTrack customers to the CAKE platform.

We’ve also got an interesting look at how is making use of Pinterest. If you’re a Pinhead (is it OK to call you that?), you won’t want to miss this.

We’ve got tips to help you monetize Christmas gifts and fine-tune your mobile strategies for the holidays and beyond.

We’ve also got a new feature for you called Community where we’ll offer shout-outs to people in the industry who are changing jobs, getting promoted or being awarded for general awesomeness. Check it out in this week’s Affiliate Marketing Digest.

As always, thank you for reading Affiliate Marketing Digest, and make it a great day!

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