November 25, 2014

We Are Now Partnered with GAWMiners to assist with their Affiliate Program!

We are happy to announce that the Schaaf-PartnerCentric team has recently partnered with GAWMiners to assist with their Affiliate Program in the HasOffers network.



GAWMiners Affiliate Program details:
Commission: Up to 10%
Average Order: $50
Cookie Duration: 14 days
Paid Search Policy: No Bidding on the following keywords: GAW Miners, gawminers,, zencloud, hashlet, hashbase, hashcoin, paycoin,, including TM+ and any misspellings or variations. No direct linking.
Signup Link:

Please feel free to email Megan Sabo with any questions or concerns about their affiliate marketing efforts.

If you’re interested in determining how Schaaf-PartnerCentric might help your affiliate program, please request a consultation.


About GAWMiners

GAWMiners is the world’s most trusted and recognized cryptomining service providers. We stand by our word and support our community when there is a problem with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. We provide much more value with the Hashlet than any other miner in the world through innovation and constant upgrades. The Hashlet was designed from the start to be the easiest, most convenient miner to own. There are no wires or settings to deal with – just use ZenCloud’s fun and easy to use interface, to name your Hashlets, manage your profits, and earn bitcoins. If you can open an email, you can operate a Hashlet in ZenCloud.