May 12, 2010 helps you find networking events enables you to meet contacts in the affiliate marketing space in person, and to make new contacts and new business. It’s about networking AND education. With affiliate marketing perhaps more than any other industry, it’s important to know your community.

While Schaaf-PartnerCentric sponsors, we recognize that the idea is far from novel. We were inspired by all of the successful affiliate dinners, barbecues and other gatherings that we’ve attended through the years – including those sponsored by ShareASale and Shawn Collins.

The concept is simple: whosoever wants to plan or sponsor an affiliate dinner in the city of their choice may do so! This website is designed to help get the word out to your peers in the affiliate marketing industry.

If you are interested in planning or sponsoring a dinner, drop us a line. If you want to be informed of upcoming events, do the same, or sign up for the Affiliate Dinner mailing list here.

We recognize that it’s not always possible for everyone to attend the big industry trade shows. Events like those listed on, however, afford you the chance to meet the people behind the Skype addresses, social media identities and IM avatars.

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