December 22, 2014

Free Webinar On-Demand: The Modern Truth About Attribution

Attribution WebinarThere is no consensus among advertisers about the use of big data in attribution. Marketers should be well-versed on attribution techniques and models to help achieve marketing goals. In this live webinar Brook Schaaf from Schaaf PartnerCentric and Todd Crawford from Impact Radius will explain how marketers could effectively leverage attribution data to optimize their affiliate programs.​

Key Takeaways

  • ​What is attribution and why would you need it
  • What are the most common attribution models
  • How to effectively leverage attribution data
  • How to avoid mistakes in using attribution data
  • What are the most common obstacles

Todd Crawford, Co-Founder & VP Strategic Initiatives, Impact Radius
Brook Schaaf, CEO and C-Founder, Schaaf-PartnerCentric

View the on-demand webinar through the American Marketing Association.


If you’re interested in determining how Schaaf-PartnerCentric might help your affiliate program, please request a consultation.