September 17, 2016

Holiday Planning: Tips and Tricks To Make Sure Your Holiday Campaigns are Fa-la-la-la-lucrative!

Author : Tracie Gross


It’s never too early to plan for the holidays! No matter the budget you have to spend or the promotions you have running, there are ways you can optimize with what you have.  Here are some Tips and Tricks that have worked for me over the many holiday seasons (in no particular order):

1) Utilize Past History

Looking back at years past can help you plan out this holiday season.

Things to look at would be:

  • What promotions performed well?
  • What are key dates you should focus on?
  • What affiliates drove the most traffic/revenue?
  • What placements performed well and/or had a high ROI?  What placements did not?

2) Create a Plan

Now that you have the history, you can create your holiday plan/placements around what worked best and build from there. 

  • Set Your Budget – what is the max you can spend and still hit ROI for the season
  • Affiliate Reach Out –  Reach out to who performed well for you in the past during holiday and review their opportunities. Can you secure the similar placements that performed well in the past?  Ask if they can work on a commission increase or commission increase/flat fee hybrid. Also, what deliverables do they need? Will you be able to provide an exclusive offer for them?
  • New Opportunities – are there any new affiliates you would like to test during holiday or newly productive and you would like to do more with?  If you have budget leftover, this is a good opportunity to test during busy season.

3) Execution is Key

All too many times I’ve missed a placement screenshot or an affiliate missed placing it or a promo code was not set up correctly.  I’ve learned my lesson and now track everything in a Google doc and set calendar reminders. And share internally!

4) Post Holiday Analysis

I usually do not wait long to review how the holiday season performed. If there are any wins, I try and carry that into the new year. January is a strong month performance wise!  I also look at the placements that did not perform well and discuss with the affiliate. Do they have any insight why? Was it the promotion? Maybe they can offer a makegood?

Hope this information helps and happy holidays!

April 13, 2015

4 Tips to Recruiting Affiliates in a CJ Affiliate Account

Author : Tracie Gross

Recruit affiliatesAffiliate recruitment is an important aspect of launching and growing a successful affiliate program and can help new programs gain traction in the marketplace. Affiliate programs managed in CJ Affiliate by Conversant (CJ) offer easier affiliate recruitment than other tracking platforms. Most of the high-earning affiliates in the industry are accessible within the CJ  interface, and CJ’s recruitment tools make it easier to find and recruit theses affiliates to your program. Find and recruit affiliates using these tips:

Recruit Top Affiliates with the Publisher Recruitment Tool

For newer programs, a good place to start for affiliate recruitment is the Publisher Recruitment Tool. You can recruit top affiliates through the Publisher Recruitment Tool by:

  • Logging into your CJ account and following this path: Manage Publishers > Publisher Recruitment Tool
  • Search for Top Earning publishers by specified criteria and push an offer to them to join your affiliate program
  • When pushing an affiliate the offer, you have a chance to group the recruitment effort and add a custom message highlighting the benefits to join your program. Make sure to create the group ahead of time so it shows up in the list.
  • Expect a high response rate for new programs. Typically around around 50% – 75% of affiliates will join.

Recruit Top Affiliates

Recruit Content Affiliates

Every merchant wants to recruit new content affiliates as they can drive top-of-the-funnel sales. You can use the same recruitment tool to recruit content affiliates by narrowing the search criteria.

  • Select the “Content Certified” option and then select the category that fits with your merchant program.
  • Use a custom message to your targeted group to improve join rates. For example, when reaching out for a bedding merchant, mention why the bedding products would be a great fit for their site.
  • Expect a lower response rate of 5% – 10% to join from this effort as it will often take more effort on the affiliate’s part to set up your program on their site

Recruit Content Affiliates

Recruit through the CJ Top Performers List

CJ publishes a quarterly Top Performers list. As a merchant, you can request this list directly from CJ to cross-reference to your Joined Publishers. Create a group for those not in the program and then push your offer to these affiliates along with a custom message inviting them to join your program.

Recruit Affiliates with “Pending Offers”

Revisit past recruitment lists, specifically the publishers that have Pending Offers. Affiliates are often inundated with recruitment requests and a little persistence can go a long way. Recruit affiliates with “Pending Offers” by:

  • Navigating to Manage Publishers > By Program Terms > Pending Offers
  • Click “Make Offer” and consider offering a higher commission to entice them to accept the offer and driving traffic quicker
  • Group the publishers with already created group and message them letting them know that they are receiving a special higher commission to join
  • Expect a low response rate here as well, around 5% – 10%.

Grouping is helpful as you can review your efforts by pulling a performance report of publishers by group by using the Publisher by Group report in the CJ interface.

Getting an affiliate joined to your program is the first step of the recruitment process. Once recruited, work to get high-value affiliates activated to start driving traffic to your site.

If you’re interested in our top affiliate picks for 2015, download this list:

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