February 03, 2015

Bitly Now a VigLink Publisher

bitly viglink publisher

bitly viglink publisher




EDIT: VigLink has been working to resolve instances where merchant’s self-made links are being affiliated and is working with SPC to resolve outstanding inquiries for SPC clients.  Other advertisers can message VigLink directly through support@viglink.com for any questions regarding their account.

Are you using custom bitly links to push traffic to your website via social media or other channels? Be aware that bitly may customize that link and reroute it through VigLink, an affiliate, to trigger an affiliate commission for themselves and VigLink.

Previously, when you created a custom bitly link (let’s say you create website.ly), the path would appear as such:

  • User sees website.ly1234 on their social media, accompanied by YOUR blog post from your official page.
  • User clicks link, which is rerouted through bitly to your landing page – http://www.website.com/product

Now, if you were to use this custom bitly link, the flow looks like this:

  • User sees website.ly1234 on their social media, accompanied by YOUR blog post from your official page.
  • User clicks link and bit.ly redirects traffic through their own VigLink domain
  • VigLink redirects again through an affiliate network, where affiliate tracking picks up
  • User rerouted to your landing page – http://www.website.com/product

This ends up with two effects:

1. All your analytics are now a mess – you will see affiliate query string parameters together with social tags.

Example: &utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=01-31&utm_campaign=sale-post&utm_term=1234&utm_content=56345&utm_medium=TEXT_LINK&utm_source=affnetwork&utm_campaign=affiliate

2. You are now paying VigLink through your affiliate program, who is splitting the commission with bitly, to provide a shortened URL to your site.

If you are using these custom bit.ly URL’s, you may want to reach out to your VigLink contact and request removal from this today. You will need to be sure they remove you from this in each of your affiliate tracking networks, if you use more than one.

Additionally, you can use a different URL shortening service.

Any other thoughts or questions? Let us know – we’re here to help.

Tom Rathbone is our Senior Technical Solutions Specialist. Tom delivers our clients and partners customized technical solutions for today’s dynamic performance marketing space. 

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