December 13, 2011

BOLT Insurance Launches CJ PayPerCall Campaign

Today BOLT INSURANCE launched a CJ PayPerCall campaign that allows affiliates to earn commissions for driving quality phone calls to the BOLT Insurance call center!

When an affiliate participates in the PayPerCall program, the affiliate will receive unique, trackable, toll-free phone numbers that you can promote to drive calls to the call center. Affiliates can implement these phone numbers on websites, banner ads, search campaigns, mobile and offline campaigns.

Commission Junction will even place an affiliate’s unique toll-free number in any creative requested for this program. This will enable an affiliate to drive calls right off of a banner!

All commissionable calls are tracked through the Commission Junction PayPerCall platform, and will be credited to the affliate at the beginning of each month. Commissions will appear as a “bonus” within the traditional CJ Account Manager.

If you are an affiliate and would like to participate in our PayPerCall program, please sign up for a PayPerCall Publisher Account by clicking on the PayPerCall tab within your account. If you already have a PayPerCall account, you may apply to our program through your existing PayPerCall account.

To sign up to become a BOLT Insurance affiliate, visit

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