September 30, 2009

Carrot Ink wins 10th BizRate Circle of Excellence Award

For the 10th consecutive year, Carrot Ink has received the BizRate Circle of Excellence Award after receiving above-average ratings in customer service and satisfaction.

Carrot Ink was founded in 1998 on the belief that quality inkjet cartridges shouldn’t cost more than a printer. The company offers premium products without the premium price tag, selling ink cartridges at 30 to 70% less than the name brands.

Carrot Ink has grown through new products and product types while still raising the bar on customer service and satisfaction.

BizRate® Research, a leading consumer feedback network, created the award 10 years ago to recognize the top performing online retailers that provided outstanding customer experiences throughout the year, as rated by their customers.

The strict criteria set by BizRate® Research evaluates customer satisfaction at each of the over 5,000 retailers within the BizRate Network. Online stores earning the prestigious Circle of Excellence award were rated by their buyers at a significantly higher level than the Network average across seven key satisfaction metrics: overall satisfaction, product selection, ease of finding products, likelihood to shop again, product met expectations, on-time delivery and customer support.

PartnerCentric manages the Carrot Ink affiliate program that recruits affiliate publishers who promote Carrot Ink products to their customers in exchange for a commission on all sales generated. Details about the affiliate program are available online at

“We congratulate our client Carrot Ink on this great achievement, which validates what affliliates already know – that Carrot Ink has great products and amazing customer service to back up every sale,” said Adam Russo, the PartnerCentric affiliate program manager who helps to manage the Carrot Ink affiliate program.

About BizRate® Research
BizRate Research assists retailers in listening to their customers and starts a dialogue between retailers and customers with the end goal of growing consumer loyalty to the retailer. BizRate Research provides tools and reports to over 5,000 retailers to enlighten them about the customer experience and make them aware of the “why” in what consumers think and do. For over 10 years, BizRate`s consumer feedback and ratings platform amplifies the consumers` voice in a way that is fast and measurable, resulting in insights, action, and consumer loyalty. For more information, visit BizRate Research is a division of Shopzilla, Inc.

About Carrot Ink
Carrot Ink was founded in 1998 on the belief that quality inkjet cartridges shouldn’t cost more than your printer. The company offers a premium product without a premium price tag. In fact, high quality Carrot Ink sells for 30-70% less than that of the name brands. For more information, visit

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