Ensuring Quality for Lead Gen Client

Schaaf-PartnerCentric’s experience with lead-based programs is extensive.

One of our most long-standing clients is a leader in the lead generation space.

Together we’ve built an affiliate program that provides attainable, sustainable growth.

There is a special sort of attention that must be paid to lead-based affiliate programs, as the affiliate manager for this lead client explains: “The biggest challenge to any lead generation client is maintaining a strong quality of lead flow at a large volume of leads. ”

“The first way we combat this is for our Operations team to have strong communication with the affiliate manager so they know what types of affiliates to approve into the program and what kinds of affiliates to avoid.”

Daily vigilance is a big key to success – especially for lead generation. It’s this kind of daily maintenance that makes an outsourced affiliate program management agency so effective.

As the affiliate manager puts it: “We maintain strong quality by keeping a close eye on producers on a daily basis and having strong relationships with any publishers who drive volume to the program. Monitoring the quality of leads in a timely manner allows us to have necessary discussions with publishers who are under-performing and identifying fraud quickly if it occurs.”

Our ongoing recruitment plan is three-pronged and includes manual Google searches for relevant keywords, immediate contact with known top publishers and recruitment within the network based on relevant keywords and categories.

This client has been with us for eight years, and we continue to find ways to grow the program. In fact, year-over-year revenue increased 73% this January and 84% this March. That’s tremendous growth for such a mature program.

Our experience managing lead-based programs has taught us much about what affiliates are looking for in a strong program.

“Generally affiliates are pleased to promote lead gen offers because it’s an easy to quantify amount for them to work with since the payout is usually the same for each lead (or similar).  The only time we have to sweeten the offer, so to speak, is if the competition is offering more or stronger promotions.  However, this depends on what our conversion rate looks like in comparison and how we stack up with respect to EPC and performance.”