Driving Growth Year Over Year

There is perhaps no better example of our success than this – the story of an e-tailer in a highly competitive niche. This merchant came to us a few years ago with a number of challenges.
Most of all, the merchant needed a clear strategy to claim its share of the marketspace.

“This program was always promising but had been drowned out in a sea of competitors who had the best partners, the best offers and, of course, the best results to show for it,” said Stephanie Harris, Director of Affiliate Management at Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

“Our biggest challenge was in staking a claim among the others that would distinguish the merchant and lead to success.”

Schaaf-PartnerCentric’s strategy for the program was a mix of several things that had previously been overlooked or simplified.

“Increasing the affiliate commission was an obvious starting point,” Harris said. “However, this program needed a multi-faceted solution, and that’s what we delivered.”

A special bonus for auto-ship orders was another important part of the puzzle.

Then came something which the team at Schaaf-PartnerCentric does exceedingly well – reaching out to specialty affiliates to gain their loyalty and support. In this case, the team worked to gain the support of coupon affiliates.

Finally, the team made changes in the network platforms being utilized.

The results are striking. Except for the first two weeks of the year, the program had positive growth year over year EVERY WEEK.

This phenomenal growth often exceeded 100% growth year over year and reached an amazing height at 398% growth YOY.

“Here I think the numbers truly do speak for themselves,” Harris said.

“This program speaks to the success that comes in combining a strong strategy with the ability to enact all aspects of it – including the rather daunting task of promoting 15-20 products per month with new promotions.

“This also speaks to the expertise of our team to devise a strategy and enact it. This is the only way to get this kind of success, which comes only through experience and hard work.“