Moosejaw: Creating Growth

Moosejaw’s affiliate program came under Schaaf-PartnerCentric management in 2007 and was launched on CJ and AvantLink, a network that caters specifically to outdoor gear merchants.

“Our challenge with Moosejaw was to sell the experience and the culture of the brand,” said Stephanie Harris, Director of Affiliate Management at Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

“Yes, Moosejaw sells a lot of outdoor gear brands, but we felt the real attraction was what they call ‘Moosejaw Madness,’ a culture of fun that the company actively promotes.”

Fun literally became the strategy for the Moosejaw program.

“Our real job was to get affiliates excited about this merchant and to let them see that this merchant is willing to offer contests and promotions” Harris said.

“We look for affiliates who have a sense of humor and who match the Moosejaw culture. “

This strategy enabled Schaaf-PartnerCentric to attract more affiliates to the program from within the crowded outdoor gear marketspace.

“We were able to differentiate Moosejaw from the competition,” Harris said. “Affiliates came to see the value of working with Moosejaw because here’s a merchant who is willing to go the extra mile and isn’t afraid to try new media or a new idea.“

The Moosejaw affiliate program is a mature channel that has been around for several years, yet through the strategies employed by Schaaf-PartnerCentric still sees significant growth year-over year.

“Moosejaw is a perfect example of a program that has benefitted from one of our core beliefs – that you cannot get complacent about the numbers,” Harris said.

“Yes, Moosejaw is a mature program that has its biggest sales in December through March, but we thought it was important to also go after summer sales. The average order size is smaller, of course, but there are always ways to increase sales and get steady results year-round.”