April 28, 2017

Schaaf-PartnerCentric Welcomes PetGiftBox to the SPC Family

Author : Dana Pezzin

Marketing Coordinator at Schaaf-PartnerCentric

We are so excited to announce the addition of PetGiftBox.com to the Schaaf-PartnerCentric family! PetGiftBox’s team of pet lovers, experts and pets carefully select and curate each box to bring you and your BFF (Best Furry Friend) only the most tail-wagging, purr-inducing products available. Every month, your pet’s box is jam-packed with the best quality treats and the most fun-inspiring toys. Their hard-working quality control team includes discriminating pet lovers and savvy pet experts – and, of course, their own pets. PetGiftBox only select products for pet gift boxes that their own pets love, and every one of their products gets their exclusive “Paw Print of Satisfaction” before it is send to you. At PetGiftBox, you can rest assured that your box will be filled with only the highest quality products.

Program Benefits:

  • $14 Commission
  • 30 day cookie duration
  • ShareASale exclusive merchant
  • Professionally managed by Schaaf-PartnerCentric. If questions, please contact: affiliates@petgiftbox.com.

The PetGiftBox Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by Megan Sabo.

April 20, 2017

SmartShyp Joins the SPC Family!

Author : Dana Pezzin

Marketing Coordinator at Schaaf-PartnerCentric

Whether you’re a successful shop owner on Etsy or a reputable big business, SmartShyp is the one of the best and most user-friendly ecommerce shipping software out there.. SmartShyp offers some of the best features in the industry, allowing you to spend only a few minutes on shipping your products, instead of spending hours every week creating shipping labels and standing in post office lines. Save your money and sanity through discounted shipping rates, simplified label printing, order processing, and tracking using SmartShyp.

Program Details:

  • $20 – $150 Commission
  • 30 day cookie duration
  • Impact Radius exclusive merchant
  • Professionally managed by Schaaf-PartnerCentric. If questions, please contact: smartshyp@schaafpc.com.

The SmartShyp Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by Dan Fink & Krissy Stonebraker.

April 04, 2017

We Stand For Equal Pay

Author : Dana Pezzin

Marketing Coordinator at Schaaf-PartnerCentric

In the U.S., women earn about 76 cents per dollar earned by men on average, but the causes of the gender pay gap are a bit more complicated. Here at Schaaf-PartnerCentric we are committed to doing our part to close the gender pay gap, which is why we have pledged our commitment to equal pay for equal work and experience on Glassdoor.

Equal employment opportunity has been, and always will be, a fundamental principle at Schaaf-PartnerCentric where employment is based upon personal capabilities and qualifications without discrimination.

Pay equality is an important issue for all of us, and by taking the pay equality pledge, we are formally telling our employees, candidates and the world that we are committed to equitable pay practices. The more companies stand up for equal pay, the closer we get to closing the pay gap and making salary equity a reality for all.

Today, on Equal Pay Day, April 4, we stand alongside more than 3,000 organizations that have taken the Equal Pay Pledge on Glassdoor. Join us in this important conversation and share that you #StandForEqualPay alongside us.

March 21, 2017

Infographic: Leveraging Innovating Tracking Solutions

Author : Dana Pezzin

Marketing Coordinator at Schaaf-PartnerCentric

A large outdoor retail client, specializing in outdoor recreation apparel and gear, turned to Schaaf-PartnerCentric to gain more insight into how consumers were shopping on their site and understand how promotional codes were being used. If you’ve been on-the-fence about working with us, check out this infographic showing how we transformed this program and you’ll be certain we can do the same for you!

March 03, 2017

Lighting By Gregory Joins the Schaaf-PartnerCentric Family

Author : Dana Pezzin

Marketing Coordinator at Schaaf-PartnerCentric

We are thrilled to announce that we are now managing the Lighting by Gregory Affiliate Program! Lighting By Gregory, an LBG Enterprises LLC Company, is the nation’s premier distributor of designer lighting and fans. With decades of experience at hand, their in-house lighting consultants are equipped to deal with even the largest projects. Featuring brands like Sonneman, Hubbardton Forge, Flos, Meltemi, and Estiluz, their showroom is the premier location to find the finest contemporary lighting for your projects, large or small.

Program Benefits:

  • 7% commission rate
  • Over $350 Average Order Size
  • 140,000 product datafeed
  • Monthly Coupons & Free Shipping on Orders over $150
  • Managed by Schaaf-PartnerCentric

The Lighting by Gregory Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by Daniel Bryant.

January 30, 2017

2016: We Came, We Saw, We Conquered

Author : John Bleecker

Are you partnering with the right affiliates?  Are you paying your publishers too much?  Are they working against your interests?  Do you know what this is costing your business?  Schaaf-PartnerCentric knows the answers.  By preventing commission payouts that would have only rewarded bad publishers for their behavior, our clients saved critical marketing dollars by being proactive and interdicting before problems could arise.

As long as there is a “system” in place, there will be people trying to game it.  The world of affiliate marketing is no exception.  Last year we added more than 500 new websites and publisher accounts to our database of non-compliant affiliates.  We intervened in more than 1000 instances of trademark violations, and identified nearly 100 publisher accounts driving fraudulent transactions.   It is not enough merely having a Terms of Service agreement.  If you are not enforcing those terms, then you are likely losing money.

There are many ways an unguarded affiliate program can be exploited, from trademark infringement to unauthorized promo code use to submitting fake leads in a referral program, to name just a few.  Non-compliant publishers will compete against you in your SEM campaigns, regardless of your program terms.  These publishers can ad insult to injury, too.  After they have increased the cost of your ad-spend, they then expect to be paid a commission for traffic they “drove” to your site–only after they cut in front of you in line!  If you are paying publishers for referrals, be sure that someone will try to send you bogus leads in order to reap that hefty payday.

Publishers can also cheat other publishers.  This, too, will cost you in lost revenue-generating opportunities.  Most publishers will abide by the rules.  Don’t let a bad publisher damage a beneficial relationship by increasing your partners’ PPC costs or even stealing their commissions outright.  If your publisher partners do not think you are looking out for their well-being, they will find other advertisers to promote.  And, if you remove a non-compliant publisher from your program, the work doesn’t stop there.  Once a publisher has taken a ride on the gravy train, they will endeavor to climb back on.

Non-compliant publishers are always looking for new ways to beat old safeguards.  You must be able to adapt to new and emerging hazards.  Schaaf-PartnerCentric has a unique advantage in the affiliate world, in that we see across 16 different platforms and a wide-variety of advertiser verticals.  We are able to better develop and hone industry best practices, and know how to tweak them for different scenarios.  This vantage point allows us to counteract the constantly evolving tactics employed by unscrupulous publishers.  We are constantly revising and improving our methods to prevent the next threat.  Our hands-on monitoring of your program will minimize the risk posed by these bad actors.  Our mission is not just to be reactive, but proactive as well.

There is a certain type of publisher that is working full-time to cheat you.  Are you working full-time to stop them?

Contact us today to find out if your company is paying too much for your affiliate program.

January 06, 2017

Schaaf-PartnerCentric is Hiring: We Want YOU!

Author : Morgan Simon

It’s 2017 and the Schaaf-PartnerCentric team is doing BIG things. Our client’s programs are growing, we’re innovating our strategies, and our team is expanding! We are looking for hardworking, smart, passionate team players ready to make their mark in the affiliate marketing industry.

Why SPC? We’re great if we do say so ourselves. Besides the great company, we also offer:

  • Remote Work Environment
  • Competitive Pay
  • Annual Company Retreat (In 2016 we took our employees AND their families to Disney World!)
  • Flexible Vacation Time
  • Paid Volunteer Time Every Quarter
  • Health/ Wellness Reimbursement

We currently have several positions available – take a look below at all of our current openings:

Senior Affiliate Program Manager

Associate Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Strategic Opportunities Specialist

Full-Time Marketing Analyst

Internal Support

December 02, 2016

SPC’s Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday Results

Author : Dana Pezzin

Marketing Coordinator at Schaaf-PartnerCentric

We worked hard over the Thanksgiving break…and have the numbers to show it! Check out our results below.


Impressed by these stats? We’d love to help your program have results like this too! Click below to set up a consultation with our team.


November 22, 2016

Infographic: How Will Your Affiliate Program Perform This Holiday Season?

Author : Dana Pezzin

Marketing Coordinator at Schaaf-PartnerCentric


Tis’ the season of delectable dishes, wonderful company and AMAZING shopping! We’re baking pies, decking the halls and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is keeping us busy so Schaaf-PartnerCentric wants to give you the gift of this fabulous infographic! We hope you enjoy!


November 15, 2016

Welcome to the SPC Family, Checks SuperStore!

Author : Dana Pezzin

Marketing Coordinator at Schaaf-PartnerCentric


Schaaf-PartnerCentric is proud to announce we now manage Checks SuperStore’s affiliate program! Checks SuperStore is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your checks accessories. As one of the largest online check suppliers, Checks SuperStore is passionate about offering the best check collection found anywhere. With over 30 years of printing experience, you will be joining one of today’s most experienced companies in the business should you join their affiliate program! Are you a super affiliate? Or are you just beginning?  They work with all businesses and websites big or small!

Program Details:

  • 25% base commission
  • 120 day cookie duration
  • Data Feed is provided
  • Professionally managed by Schaaf-PartnerCentric. If questions, please contact: checkssuperstore@schaafpc.com.

The Checks Superstore affiliate program is being professionally managed by Megan Sabo and Saralyn Holloway.