April 23, 2014

CheapAir.com Becomes First Online Travel Agency to Offer Flight, Amtrak Reservations


CheapAir.com has just become the first online travel agency in the United States to offer both flight and Amtrak railway reservations on a single website. Travelers may now mix and match flight and railway fares to create the most convenient and cost-effective travel itineraries available online.

Best of all – affiliates may promote this new blend of air and rail travel reservations just as they’ve promoting the flights in the past. These mix-and-match fares may be booked via CheapAir.com or the voice-activated CheapAir iOS app.

This is a huge win for travelers, who used to have to search flights on one site, Amtrak seats on another, compare prices and then try to manually combine travel modes. Now with CheapAir.com they can seamlessly add railway travel to even the most complicated itineraries. A trip from Chicago to New York to Boston to Washington D.C. can now include both flights and trains to provide the fastest and most affordable trip possible.

CheapAir has introduced railway fares between New York and Boston, New York and Washington D.C., and Boston and Washington D.C.—the three most popular Amtrak routes. As demand for railway travel increases, CheapAir will add additional routes. Travelers can select between standard trains and Acela Express trains, which reach speeds up to 150 mph and significantly reduce travel times. Customers can also choose between Business Class and Economy Class seating.

Train travelers enjoy all the benefits of booking with CheapAir including access to a Personal Travel Advisor and Price Drop Payback™, which guarantees customers up to $100 in travel credits if their fare price drops after the date of purchase.

Customers may book Amtrak fares on CheapAir.com or on the CheapAir App, the world’s first voice-activated travel search app and a Gold Winner in the Travel Weekly annual Magellan Awards.

If you’re not already a CheapAir affiliate, learn more about the CheapAir affiliate program and apply to join today.

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