December 18, 2013

CJ Report Explores the Role and Value of Coupon Sites

To work with coupon sites or not to? It’s a question we hear often – and as affiliate managers we stress the value of coupon sites and encourage clients to find a way to work with them.

The Strategic Insights team at has just shared results of a survey in which 1,000 shoppers were asked about their use of coupons and coupon sites.

Among the key take-aways:
– Loyalty or familiarity with a brand does not stop price comparing behaviors
– Shoppers in the shopping basket are still seeking the best deal and are open to being influenced to buy from different retailers.
– Coupon sites introduce brands to new customers.
– They also keep an advertiser in the mix when shoppers are comparing prices.
– Shoppers seek the best price possible, regardless of familiarity with a retailer.

The statistics offered in the survey reinforce what we as an affiliate management agency know to be true – that coupon sites are an important part of the e-commerce equation.

Of those surveyed by CJ, 98% said they find coupon sites an essential part of the shopping experience. Furthermore, 58% of those surveyed consider coupons “extremely useful” when researching and shopping online.

We urge all clients and affiliate marketers to review the new CJ documents, which cover such topics as:
how coupons influence retailer choice
how coupons drive new customers
how coupons affect shopping cart abandonment
how coupons affect brand loyalty

ABestWeb has created a thread that enables you to share your thoughts about coupon sites and CJ’s report. You can read and join the ABestWeb thread, Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Coupon Sites.

Read the CJ documents here:

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