21st Century Affiliate Program

The 21st Century affiliate program is a top performer in its category and generates one of the highest EPC returns in all of Commission Junction. The online quote process is fast, easy and free and you can earn great revenue.

Since this is an auto insurance affiliate program it’s a perfect fit for just about any website. The 21st Century Insurance website is very well designed attractive and highly efficient. It moves site visitors quickly and easily through the quote process. Quote conversion is exceptionally high which means you rack up more commissions for the traffic you provide then you would sending that traffic elsewhere.

The 21st Century affiliate program uses a 30 day cookie and your commissions are tracked independently by Commission Junction which means you get all the commissions you earn. Schaaf – PartnerCentric highly recommends this program. It’s one of our top performers and we have received no complaints about this merchant’s business or payment practices.

For more information visit 21st Century.