SoClean Affiliate Program

The SoClean 2 CPAP sanitizer is offered by Better Rest Solutions. The SoClean is extremely unique, as it enables CPAP users (a sleep apnea (OSA) therapy) to sanitize their CPAP equipment hands-free and in the comfort of their own homes. A clean, sanitized CPAP along with its connective equipment is extremely important to maintain. If users do not address the clean maintenance of their CPAP, they tend to either not use their doctor prescribed CPAP equipment or they breathe in air that is contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and mold; which in turn exposes the user to becoming sick.

Benefits of the SoClean affiliate program:

  • Earn 10% for every sale you refer to SoClean
  • Average sale amount is $299
  • Patented technology and one-of-a-kind product
  • Large niche market
  • Cookie return days: 90 Day
  • Managed by Schaaf PartnerCentric

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The SoClean Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by Krissy Stonebraker.