March 10, 2009

Companies are missing the boat on social media

While the vast majority of marketing agencies are integrating social media into their marketing services, less than 20% of companies are integrating social media into their online and offline marketing mix.

According to a survey by MarketingSherpa of nearly 2,000 agencies and merchants, merchants are twice as likely to NOT integrate social media into the marketing mix.

“What was most alarming about this survey was the reason most merchants say they aren’t taking social media into account,”
said PartnerCentric Social Media Manager Stefanni Becker. “The most common reason merchants aren’t adopting social media as a marketing tactic is the lack of a knowledgeable staff to support social media integration.”

Becker said this isn’t exactly news to PartnerCentric, which already offers social media management services to e-commerce clients who need help managing a presence on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

“What we’ve found is that while everyone understands the need for social media marketing, few know how to make it happen,” Becker said. “At PartnerCentric, we offer the early education and the ongoing strategies to ensure our clients succeed in integrating social media into their marketing strategy.”

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