January 23, 2013

Dingo Brands Affiliate Program Now Live on CJ Network


The Dingo Brand Dog Treats brand has just launched an affiliate program on the CJ Network under the management of affiliate management agency Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

Dingo Brand Dog Treats is part of the Spectrum Brands Family. Consistent with Spectrum Brands’ mission, they provide a superior product at an affordable price.

In 1997 Dingo Brand, LLC was granted a US Patent for the single most logical improvement on the rawhide dog chew in 30 years – a superior treat-within-a-treat product that combines the individual advantages of delicious real meat jerky and rawhide in a single chew.

This unique chew consisted of rawhide on the outside and REAL MEAT jerky on the inside. This new chew fully satisfies a dog’s chew instinct while being biodegradable and safely digested by dogs.¬†Independent QMark Research and Polling conducted a survey that concluded 9 out of 10 dogs chose the Dingo Bone over a regular rawhide bone.

To read about the story of Dingo the dog, and to learn more about the company, visit DingoBrand.com. To sign up as an affiliate of Dingo Brands, visit https://www.schaafpc.com/client/dingobrandcom.

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