September 20, 2011

Doba Celebrating 9th Birthday with Affiliate Contest

It’s getting close the Doba’s nine year anniversary. Break out the cake, ice cream, cash and let’s celebrate!  Wait!?! Cash!?!  That’s right … cash.  Since it’s close to their birthday month we decided to sponsor a contest for publishers who are actively promoting the Doba affiliate program from September 19th until October 31st — and the grand prize is $750 in cold hard CASH!

Starting on September 19th each lead to will be entered into a drawing. That’s right  – EACH lead becomes an entry. The more leads, the more chances to WIN!

To help you keep your eyes on the prize and see where you stand against the competition, we’ll be sending out weekly updates of our top performing affiliates. So if you’re in that 4 or 5 spot with a week to go, we’ll make sure you hear about so you can kick it into gear!

The contest officially starts on September 19th at the stroke of midnight. Let the games begin!

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