June 21, 2011

Doba Seeks Affiliate Partners in Advance of Peak Season

Doba, which offers a huge wholesale product catalog with 1.5 million wholesale products from more than 300 drop ship suppliers, is now offering a bonus for new affiliates who sign up now and promote the brand and its products.

August and September are historically the peak season for leads that come through to Doba.com. To make sure the Doba affiliate program is stock full of active affiliates, the program is offering a new affiliate bonus.

Affiliates will receive an increased payout of $2.00 for the rest of June and July, and the top 3 new affiliates with the most  leads in the next six weeks will get $350, $250 or $150 in a gift card of their choice.

Apply to join the program today here:  https://signup.cj.com/member/brandedPublisherSignUp.do?air_refmerchantid=1956374

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