September 19, 2012

Don’t Miss Schoola’s Shop for America’s Schools Promotion (Next Week)


Schaaf-PartnerCentric working with (part of SavvySource) to support their mission of raising millions for America’s schools in just 5 days.  The event is called Shop for America’s Schools and it launches on Monday (Sept 24th).
This is a great opportunity to do good for America’s schools in an unprecedented way – while delighting your customers and earning commissions/bonus in the process!

The Challenge
– 80% of states have cut education budgets in the last 5 years
– 120 school districts have reduced school to four-day weeks
– Art, music and athletic programs have been cut or reduced everywhere

Schoola is now offering the Shop for America’s Schools to help get parents, schools and businesses working together. Schoola was created to help parents solve the challenge – by providing the easiest way to raise funds for schools.

With the allure of daily deals, the Shop for America’s Schools event is your chance to promote 8 – 10 fantastic national daily deal offers where each purchaser can also raises money for the school of their choice

The national brands involved have agreed to offer great discounts of 25-67% off — AND give back 20-50% of the purchase price to the purchaser’s school of choice!

This is a win-win-win.  Shoppers get great deals.  Schools raise much-needed funds.  And you can help make a huge difference, promote brands your customers love and enjoy a “thank you” commission

This national daily deals event starts on Monday, Sept. 24 and runs through Friday, Sept. 28 – and you are invited to take part. To participate, you just need to follow a few easy steps.

1.       Respond to this email expressing your interest to raise money for schools.
2.       Agree to the terms of this week-long sales event.
3.       Use the creative provided to promote the deals, all of which will be delivered to you before Monday, Sept. 24.

We hope you are excited as we are about helping schools across the country raise money. We look forward to your response and participation and have included some additional points below regarding the opportunity.

1.       If interested, you will be entering into a direct relationship with
2.       Schoola will issue all tracking links and commission payouts. Payment will be made 30 days after the week long promotion ends on September 28th.
3.       As a thank you for your support, commission payout will be 30% of Schoola’s net commission (typically 15% of gross) on all tracked sales*
4.       The cookie duration/referral period will be session-based. As soon as the browser session is over, the cookie duration ends as well.
5.       To help you prepare for this sale, we’ll be providing you with a sneak preview of the deals on the Friday before the sale.

The event begins soon, so please respond as quickly as possible or let me know if you want to hop on the phone to discuss in more depth.If you’re interested in learning more please contact Julie Stepkowski

* Schoola is generously providing affiliate with a full 30% of their commissions as a thank you.  Sample math – $100 purchase > Schools’s commission is $15 > Affiliate “Thank You” Commission is $4.50

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