March 24, 2010

Driving affiliate marketing success in number of ways

PartnerCentric created success in the affiliate marketing channel in a number of ways for its list of e-commerce clients.

For the new FlirtCatalog affiliate program that launched in Sept. 2009, PartnerCentric front-loaded the new program to bring maximum results in time for Halloween. Through the first four months online, Flirt experienced a doubling of its revenue through the affiliate channel. Success was due to a number of factors including affiliate recruitment and activation, innovative creative and constant communication through newsletters, e-mails, phone calls, Flirt Alerts, etc. Read how PartnerCentric strategies and tactics made a new affiliate program an overwhelming success.

The measure of success came in other ways as well, including how the company managed the problem of affiliate fraud. After purging the affiliate program of fraudulent affiliates, PartnerCentric reinvigorated the affiliate base, recruiting more than 2,500 new affiliates to the program over the course of the year. By December, with no major coupon or fraud issues, the program had grown year-over-year by 14%.

Another key measure of success is how PartnerCentric responded to the advertising tax issue that arose in numerous states. When the advertising tax passed in June 2008, most of the major networks severed their relationships with New York affiliates. This had dire consequences for The Company Store affiliate program, so PartnerCentric shifted into high gear with outreach to New York affiliates, re-opening the program to them. By the end of 2009, PartnerCentric had grown the program’s dwindled affiliate base by 82%.

To read more about PartnerCentric’s successes in affiliate program managementread our case study series.

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