May 12, 2011 Affiliate Program Live on Google Affiliate Network

drjayshero As the urban fashion leader, assembles the hottest items from the most in-demand brands and identifies up-and-coming trends. If your site attracts fans of fashion, hip-hop, or overall urban culture, wants to partner with you.

You can earn money while providing your visitors with products they want!

A simple link from your site to ours provides content for your site and a commission of up to 10% of total sales when a purchase is made. handles all merchandising, warehousing, shipping and customer service. You will be able to feature a wide selection of regularly updated links and banners, as well as our product catalog of thousands of items. has been in business for over 10 years. The company sells branded and non-branded apparel goods, with a historical emphasis on urban apparel and streetwear. sells all apparel categories for men, women and children.

The website and product offerings have changed over time to accommodate the ever-evolving preferences of our target audience. Most recently, the site has seen a shift toward cleaner, fitter and at times more sophisticated looks. has also seen a shift away from strong brand affinities, with specific categories, styles and trends becoming more of a focal point.

For more information about the affiliate program, or to apply as an affiliate, visit

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