September 01, 2010

DrNatura program live on CJ, Google and Pepperjam

Affiliate marketers now have the opportunity to promote DrNatura®, the global leader in body cleansing and detoxification, with the launch of the DrNatura affiliate program.

The DrNatura affiliate program is now live on three affiliate networks – Commission Junction (CJ), Google Affiliate Network and the PepperJam Network. Affiliates who join the DrNatura affiliate program have the opportunity to earn 10% to 16% per sale on a tiered commission structure – and there’s potential to earn bonuses as well.

DrNatura’s affiliate program will offer coupons, data feeds and is being managed by the affiliate program managers at Schaaf-PartnerCentric, the largest provider of outsourced affiliate program management services in the performance marketing industry.

Since its founding in 1998, DrNatura® has helped more than 1 million customers in 50 countries overcome the problem of body pollution, which contributes to the onset of many common ailments.

It’s a scientific fact that our bodies require cleansing and detoxification. Research clearly shows that our bodies are not capable of eliminating all the different toxins and chemicals we inhale and ingest every day. These toxins can accumulate in our cells, tissues and organs and remain stored in our bodies, causing potential health problems.

DrNatura®’s Colonix® Program and Toxinout® Program, have been specifically formulated to detoxify the entire body. The two programs together utilize nearly 100 natural ingredients to deliver the most comprehensive, all-natural detoxification system ever created.

Specifically, the two-part detoxification program achieves the following:
– Cleanses and detoxifies the colon, liver, kidneys, blood & other organs*
– Promotes regular bowel function*
– Removes heavy metals and other toxins*
– Replenishes friendly bacteria*
– Recharges the immune system with powerful antioxidant support* is the most visited online resource for colon cleansing and body detoxification in the world. DrNatura® provides live customer support seven days a week and offers a 60-Day 100% money back guarantee.

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