August 21, 2009

eBay joins podcast to discuss new commission structure

William Martin-Gill, Director of Internet Marketing for the eBay Partner Network, joins Linda Woods at noon Pacific today on the Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast to discuss the details of the network’s just announced move to a commission payout model based on clicks instead of sales or leads.

Earlier this week the eBay Partner Network announced its move to what it calls Quality Click Pricing, “a new payout structure designed to further reward the affiliates who drive incremental transactions on eBay and who send value buyers to our sites.”

This new payout structure will simplify things over the current way affiliates are paid and affiliates who drive quality traffic will be able to earn more, while affiliates who drive low quality traffic could actually make a little less.

Linda and Martin-Gill will discuss the details of the new commission structure and answer some of the most pressing questions, including what kind of traffic will get compensated in the new system and why the network is making this move at this time.

New publishers who join the eBay Partner Network as of September 1st will be paid out under the new system. Existing publishers that joined eBay Partner Network prior to September 1st will remain on the current pricing system until October 1st, when they will begin to be paid under the new Quality Click Pricing payment structure.

The Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast is an ongoing discussion about affiliate marketing with industry leaders. Tune in at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) every Thursday at

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