February 26, 2009

Fathead Tradeables are here!


Fathead Tradeables are the hottest new product of the year – and, as an affiliate, you’re in a position to cash in! They’re a great add on to the current Fathead products you sell.

What are Fathead Tradeables? Our 5” x 7” Peel-N-Stick graphics feature over 150 images of fan-favorite NFL players and helmets! Every NFL team is represented, and each pack includes 5 Tradeables. At a $14.99 price point, you’re sure to sell a ton, and go big with your affiliate commissions!

Fathead Tradeables will be sold on Fathead.com, just like our Real.Big Fathead products. Every pack comes with a secret code to join Tradeables.com, play games and win prizes. The more packs a customer buys, the more codes they get, and the more fun they can unlock on Tradeables.com – all adding revenue to your program immediately!

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