July 16, 2014

FeedFront Magazine’s Latest Issue is Available Now Online

FeedFront Magazine coverThe latest issue (No. 27) of FeedFront magazine, the official magazine of Affiliate Summit, is now available online.

Affiliate Summit Co-Founder and FeedFront Co-Editor, Missy Ward shares a poignant personal story, “Succeed in Spite of Your Disability,” about her struggle with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and offers empowering advice for others who are coping with ADHD or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) while trying to succeed in the business world.

And Missy’s fellow Affiliate Summit Co-Founder and FeedFront Co-Editor, Shawn Collins, offers an equally personal and helpful article about “4 Essentials for My Sanity and Productivity.” Taking his cue from the Dead Milkmen (really, shouldn’t we always do that?), Shawn writes about four things he does every day (no spoilers here) to stay on top of his game. Check it out.

Our Senior Technical Solutions Specialist, Tom Rathbone, contributed an article called “Creating a Robust Multi-Market Ecosystem” in which he shares solutions to the technical challenges an advertiser faces when expanding the business internationally. If you’re planning a global expansion, Tom’s got some great advice about things you can do to ensure a smooth transition – from working with international networks and payment processing to anticipating technical needs and capturing data.

Rachel Honoway of FMTC tackled a hot topic, “Making Affiliate Marketing Attractive to Bloggers,” that our business development team (whose focus is affiliate recruitment) has been passing around as gospel. Preach it! Rachel is right on the money. We all want to work with bloggers, yet bloggers don’t always see affiliate marketing as the great opportunity that it is. Check out her pointers for reaching bloggers and helping them get on board with affiliate marketing.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As always there’s a lot of great content in FeedFront whether you’re an affiliate or an advertiser. Natalie Mauro of PCHaffiliate.com writes about “Tips for Building a Better Affiliate Program,” and Casey Pavlick of Atlantic Coast Media Group covers “3 Characteristics of a Great Affiliate.”

The issue also includes advice on multitasking, getting more out of your presence on LinkedIn, optimizing for mobile, boosting SEO with help from Pinterest and capitalizing on hot markets.

If you’re not already a FeedFront subscriber, sign up for your free subscription today. The magazine has 42,000 subscribers and will be hitting mailboxes later this month or in early August. It will also be distributed at Affiliate Summit East next month in New York City.

Speaking of Affiliate Summit, Schaaf-PartnerCentric will be attending the conference, and we hope to see you there. If you’d like to meet with us during Summit, contact us today to schedule a meeting.