February 16, 2010

Flirt Catalog sees 115% revenue growth year over year

comScore’s latest research suggests that the average growth rate for e-commerce in 2009 fluctuated between 1% and -1%, but a relatively new client under PartnerCentric management experienced considerably stronger results as evidenced by the year-end report just issued by PartnerCentric.

“We knew from the start that Flirt! had all of the makings of a great affiliate program, and the results have been extraordinary,” said PartnerCentric Director of Client Services Stephanie Lewis. “Flirt! saw its revenue more than double – 115% – year over year by the end of 2009. By any measure that is phenomenal growth.”

Flirt! hired PartnerCentric to manage its affiliate program in Sept. 2009, giving the team one month to prepare for Flirt’s biggest time of year – Halloween and the costume shopping season. Through innovative creative and promotional strategies, PartnerCentric helped Flirt! achieve its biggest Halloween revenue numbers yet.

Affiliate recruitment was an important part of our strategy – as was activation of existing affiliates in the costume space,” Lewis said. “We nearly doubled Flirt’s affiliate base within four months with an emphasis onquality over quantity. The result speaks for itself.”

For more information about this success story, read the case study.

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