April 09, 2009

Free Shipping on Flea and Tick Products at National Pet Pharmacy

    • Flea and Tick season is approaching and National Pet Pharmacy has exactly what you need – Free Shipping on Flea and Tick products! Check out our current promotions as well, see below for details and links:

      Free Shipping on Flea and Tick Products:

      Expect higher conversion on Flea and Tick products in the next few weeks when the season starts. You can pick up a text link here:To utilize any of the creative below, simply replace insertpublisheridhere with your Publisher ID.

    • Free Shipping on Frontline Plus and Advantage Flea & Tick Medication
    • FREE SHIPPING on every product in the Flea & Tick Department! No code necessary, no expiration date.

      Affiliate Exclusive Promotions: 

      Category specific coupons for the affiliate channel only!

    • Save 15% on pet supplements* at National Pet Pharmacy. Use code SAVESP at checkout. Expires 4.30.09 *exclusions may apply
    • Save 15% on Pet Treats* at National Pet Pharmacy. Use code SAVETRTS. Expires 4.30.09 *exclusions may apply
      To access all banners and text links, please click here National Pet Pharmacy Links Page

      Let us know if you need anything or have any questions!

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