September 24, 2009

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A lot has happened since we last discussed the issue of affiliate nexus tax legislation on the July 2 edition of the Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast. Another state (North Carolina) has passed their own version of the law and legal challenges are underway in New York against the so-called Amazon tax.

Please join us at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) on Thursday, Sept. 24 for a return appearance on the program by Rebecca Madigan, founder and executive director of the Performance Marketing Alliance. The PMA is the first not-for-profit trade association for the performance marketing industry.

Rebecca will get us up to speed on everything that is happening in our industry to combat this legislation on a state-by-state basis. Most recently, have filed a legal challenge to the Amazon tax in New York, and now the PMA has filed a motion seeking leave to submit an amicus brief in support of’s appeal.

This issue is so important to our industry. All affiliates, merchants and agencies that make a living within the performance marketing industry need to stay informed and get active in order to stop or roll back these laws.

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