April 25, 2014

Go Back in Time to Affiliate Marketing’s Start


This week’s Affiliate Marketing Digest is a time capsule, taking you back to 1994. The year we first saw Forrest Gump. The year affiliate marketing began. Twenty years later, LinkShare CEO Liane Dietrich looks atthe myths, the milestones and the momentum of the affiliate marketing industry.


While we’re thinking big picture, our friends at BigCommerce are sharing their analysis of e-commerce sites and the top 10 factors that influence the purchase decision.


We’re just back from a mini-Affiliate Summit called the Performance Marketing Summit that took place Wednesday in Austin. Don’t miss the Performance Marketing Summit recap from Shawn Collins.


You don’t need more evidence that mobile is growing by leaps and bounds – but we’ve got it for you anyway.Mobile has just reached another milestone as it surpasses the amount of time people spend watching television.


If you have an affiliate program running on LinkConnector it might interest you to know that the network isnow offering pay per call options.


We’ve got lots of tips for you this week, including How Three Big Brands Use Storytelling to Make Everyday Products Exciting and How to Use Urgency and Scarcity to Increase E-Commerce Sales.


Concatenate isn’t a word we throw around lightly, mostly because it makes us sound like huge nerds, but for those among us who obsess about bigger and better ways to use Excel, we offer  21 Real-World Examples Of Concatenating Marketing Data In Excel.


Check it all out in this week’s Affiliate Marketing Digest – and have a great day.


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