January 28, 2012

Great news: Pennsylvania Puts Affiliate Nexus Tax on Hold until Sept. 2012

We’ve just received welcome news from our friends at the Performance Marketing Association: The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is delaying enforcement of its Affiliate Nexus Tax law until September 1, 2012.

For the time being advertisers will be able to continue to work with Pennsylvania-based affiliates, and the PMA is vowing to continue the fight against such a law in the state. The PMA favors federal sales tax reform rather than a state-by-state approach.

This means advertisers can keep their Pennsylvania-based affiliate partnerships for now.

As Pennsylvania Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser said: “We heard from a number of e-commerce businesses that companies are willing to comply with their Pennsylvania sales tax obligations, but our original Feb. 1 compliance deadline is impractical from operational and technical standpoints. In the interest of being reasonable and respecting the difficulty of tailoring sales tax software to Pennsylvania’s complicated sales tax rules, we believe extending the compliance deadline is the fair thing to do.”

To join the fight against the affiliate nexus tax, visit the PMA’s site athttp://www.performancemarketingassociation.com.

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