March 29, 2014

Half Day to Play: Reward for Meeting a Company Goal


The entire team at Schaaf-PartnerCentric has been focused on some big goals for 2014. So far we’ve met or exceeded them all, and as a reward each member of the team was awarded a half day off last week – a Half Day to Play!

There were only two stipulations. First, you had to do something for yourself – something you don’t have time to do in a typical week. Second, you had to take a photograph of your chosen Half Day to Play activity.

The reward was a big hit with employees, who enjoyed leisure activities that included lounging on the beach, at the lake, enjoying an afternoon picnic, practicing yoga, getting a pedicure or, for one international employee, visiting a famous landmark – the Coliseum in Rome.

We invite you to view our “Half Day to Play” photo gallery.

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