December 14, 2013

Happy Holidays from Schaaf-PartnerCentric!


Confession: We get a big kick out of the holidays.

First, there’s the excitement of seeing a year worth of planning come together for our clients and partners as the holiday shopping season nears. All the promotions, coupons, special savings, big deals, etc., – everything we need to do to make sure our clients have a successful Q4. There’s great satisfaction in seeing the clients succeed – exceeding goals and beating results of holidays past.

Then, amid all of that important work, there’s the fun we have in spreading holiday cheer.

It starts with our company holiday card. Each year we start brainstorming themes for the card in September. So many jokes – so few of them funny. But with patience and time we always manage to find a theme that fits.

You may recall our greeting cards of holidays past. In 2010 we’d just merged two companies – Schaaf Consulting and PartnerCentric to become Schaaf-PartnerCentric – so the 2010 holiday card was merger-themed. In 2011 we spent much of the year pitching in on the enormous task of educating legislators about the effects of state affiliate nexus laws – and our holiday card for 2011 attempted to make light of that weighty issue. In 2012 our company had its first retreat at the new headquarters in Austin, and the 2012 holiday card shined a spotlight on Brook’s growing obsession with mechanical bulls.

This year we’re giving you a break from our admittedly wonderful sense of humor because we had the perfect photo to share. Our entire team (including spouses and children) spent a few days at Walt Disney World this fall for a company retreat and celebration. It’s so rare to have everyone in one location at the same time – so we wanted to share our group photo with the 2013 holiday card.

We’ve got another holiday tradition: our holiday cookie exchange. It began in 2011 when someone (we’ll credit Stephanie Harris because it was, in fact, her idea) decided it might fun for the team to do a cookie exchange. The idea was simple enough. Each member of the team would submit one cookie recipe. It could be a family recipe, a favorite recipe, a recipe that was intimidating and therefore never attempted – or a recipe found online on a whim. All of the recipes were collected and sent to a baker who would bake each recipe and send a few of each cookies to each member of the team who had submitted a recipe.

Needless to say, it was wildly popular and with chocolate-stained fingers, the team let the word go forth that the cookie exchange must go on.

In 2012, we took the holiday exchange to the next level and shared our favorite recipes – and those gorgeous, delicious cookies – with our clients. Once again we had a hit on our hands.

This year the holiday cookie exchange continued to grow. Right now the packages are en route- more than 9,000 cookies in all are going out to more than 100 recipients. Here’s the roster of cookies on this year’s cookie exchange and the reasons why we chose them. If any of these recipes catch your fancy you can bake them yourselves and enjoy the gooey cookie goodness.

Thank you for sharing in our holiday traditions. We wish you Happy Holidays – and a wonderful New Year!

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