November 11, 2011

Happy Top Hat Thursday – From Us to You!


We’re having a team huddle of sorts today at our headquarters in downtown Austin, and as you can see some of us are living the high life in fancy top hats. It’s all part of Top Hat Thursday, a trend that may or may not become tradition.

The funny thing is, the whole top hat thing started as a joke. When a certain member of our team who shall remain nameless (Stephanie Harris) asked what we’d all be wearing for this meeting, she was told: ‘We’ll all be in top hats.’

But when she arrived this morning for the meeting and found us all in top hats, she had forgotten all about this and looked very puzzled as to why we were all being so formal (from the ears up). She was soon enjoying the fun, too, with her new top hat.

Here are the mad hatters: Front row (left to right:) Gina Bhakta, Stephanie Harris and Jessica Griffin. Back row (left to right:) Brook Schaaf, Joe Raffetto, Robin Sills and Forrest Schaaf.

Happy Top Hat Thursday, everyone, from our team to yours.

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